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    Craigslist steal ;)

    I needed a laugh...
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    Self-Bailer Substitude

    Fred, My boat is an older 67 model, and the ball doesn't seal. The bailer functions underway, however it doesn't seal when stopped. I wouldn't recommend opening a hole in the boat either :D Nick
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    Self-Bailer Substitude

    Mine doesn't work either. Do what Wayne recommended, the cut off milk jug and sponge. I use a grout sponge, used for tiling, it holds a ton of water. If I can balance it I'll open the bailer underway, suck out the water and reseal it. Nick
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    Harbor Freight Sunfish Trailer

    This is how I modified the trailer for my sunfish. I used 2x12's with the contour of the bottom of the hull cut into the top. My neighbor had just recarpeted so I got to go nuts padding it up :).
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    How do you get rid of scuff marks?

    This is what I use for my cars: it is variable speed down to 300 rpm. I don't know what product I would recommend. If they are just scuff marks on the bottom of the hull, try an automotive cleaner/wax. Nick
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    New Fish

    We finally had a little bit of wind yesterday, so my 6 year old son got to spend a couple of hours out on the lake. We were arguing on the way home who had more fun, I still think it was me!
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    New Fish

    I've got the vests, now I just need some wind :)
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    New Fish

    I bought a Sunfish a few weeks ago, that was in great condition for 300 bucks. I picked up a trailer kit at Northern tool for $350. I just got it all rigged to go and wanted to share it with y'all. I've been lurking on here for a bit deciding which way to go on the trailer, etc. I decided...