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    Lasers for sale

    Paige, You might want to try and set up shop for a day at a local laser regatta. Might be a better way to clear out inventory without so much effort on your part. Just a thought.
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    Lasers for sale

    Paige, I'd be interested in a centerboard / rudder combo. I'm located at Davis Island Yacht Club, so I can come by to pick up I guess. Could you quote a price. I can be emailed at "" Thanks
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    Mainsheet caught on lifejacket when tacking

    I'm about the same size (6'1", 210lb) and have had the same problem in the past. I found it helped to tape down the buckles at the top of the lifejacket. Also, in big wind, with big Vang, I consciously "dive" down going through tacks.
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    carbon mast

    I would tend to be against such radical upgrades due to their financial impact. For example, in the Finn class masts can run $3000 to $4000. Sails can run $1200 - $1600. Full up new boat package can be $15000 before you're done. If not for the Olympics, I seriously doubt the Finn would be...
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    MC Scow v Laser

    I actually own both a scow (Melges17) and a Laser. One observation I would make deals with the hull shape. A scow is not going to perform well going upwind, especially in waves. I would say a scow is pretty good as long as you sail on a lake and against other scows. I would not want a scow...
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    Upwind Problem - Strong wind, Choppy Water

    Got in from sailing today and need some advice. Wind was 20+ with tight choppy waves (3' deep, 5 - 6' apart). Going upwind, had problems keeping the boat moving. Tried to, Weight shifting forward and back and nosing up into crest and away after as I went up and down waves - kept submarining...
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    Question on maximum weight

    I actually made the same jump (from Finn to Laser). My weight was around 225 lb at the time. I'd say you start getting competitive in 200 - 210 lb range. At least that's what I found after losing the extra weight. (of course this depends on the quality of your fleet). From what I have seen...
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    Sails...I'm going THERE again...

    Taking another stance, I don't think using new technology sails is the way to go. I say that having come from sailing a Finn, where the rig and sails have become optimized/customized, etc... The result is that the performance gap separating "pros" (who can afford to optimize their equipment)...
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    Sailing in Tampa Area

    I sail out of Davis Island YC. There is a Wednesday night small boat series. Its run by the youth group and has about 10 boats (radials, 420's). I'm the only full rig, but the weight difference between me and the kids counteracts the sail differences, so its still good practice. Plus the...
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    Sailor/Rig/Sail Comparison

    I'm relatively new to the Laser, and typically sail against several youth at my local club. They're no slouches, and I am trying to guage how I am doing (I sail a full rig - they sail radials) Here is my question; How does a heavier sailor (in full rig) compare to a lighter sailor (in radial)...
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    1994 Laser For Sale

    I would like to know if the Laser is still for sale. I'm in Tampa and would be very interested. Please contact me at or (813) 877 - 3421 Thanks, Nick Bradford