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    Metal clew sleeve ever release sail accidentally?

    I recently got a metal clew sleeve with a hook on it. The clew sleeve works great, moves very smoothly on my boom. I'm worried a little about the hook releasing the sail accidentally in a capsize. Has anyone had any issues with this setup??
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    How to transport tiller & extension on airplane??

    Hi, I've given myself the best Christmas gift by signing up for a training session at the International Sailing Academy in Mexico in January. I can't wait to go, but am not sure how to best transport my tiller and extension. I can envision putting it in a cardboard mailing tube and carrying...
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    Issues with center of force

    That video is very helpful...thank you for sharing it!!!
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    Need to tighten rudder bolt

    Thank you to all that responded to my post. I definitely appreciate the explanation of why the bigger diameter bolt is better. LaLi is right, upon closer inspection, my rudder has a pretty small bolt and no bushings. I'm going to upgrade to the bigger bolt and will add in that plastic bushing...
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    Need to tighten rudder bolt

    Hi, My rudder bolt is too loose, the rudder drops when moving the boat on the dolly. Can I just tighten it, or do I have to be careful and do it in a certain way so that I don't damage my rudder? Should I put rubber washers in to provide the friction so it won't drop?? This is an old...
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    Traveler issues

    Hi, I know this is not the original question asked, but I have this traveler issue all the time....I'm relatively new to lasers, and most likely my problem is my tacking technique. Could someone provide more specifics about the sheet ease, roll energy, and trim aspects of my tack that I should...
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    Laser Go Pro /Action Camera Mount

    I also love the point of do we find out more details on the mount itself??
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    How much line do you need for a mainsheet?

    La Li----where do you recommend that you tie the free end to?? You said you have yours tied through the hiking strap loop, but then said you don't recommend tieing it to the forward end of the hiking it tied to the back end of the hiking strap, by the traveler??
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    Rudder downhaul tie-down question

    Thank you, LaLi. I think I'll change to the side entry clam cleat, as I like the kick-up rudder feature and I am definitely a recreational sailor. I appreciate your help!
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    Rudder downhaul tie-down question

    Hi, I bought an older laser last year, and it has a rudder tie-down fixture that is different than what I see in pictures online. I"m including photos. I currently hold the rudder down by a knot fastened in the rope, and slipped under this fixture. It's come off once while sailing, and I...
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    Winter sailing gloves

    I'm looking for a recommendation for winter sailing gloves. I've bought 2 pairs already which I don't like. They are not flexible enough, I can't feel the line well through them. I'm sailing inNew England, so need some protection from the cold. Does anyone have a favorite brand they can...
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    Need capsize help

    Thank you! So what I'm understanding is that I should hold on to main sheet until I'm in the water. Once the capsize has happened, and I'm working on righting the boat, then it's ok to drop it so that when I do right the boat the sail will luff. I didn't think of loosening the vane, but I...
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    Need capsize help

    I'm a new sailor, and have had trouble after capsizing my laser. should I be holding onto the main sheet line so that the boat can't sail away on its own?? Or dropping it so that the sail can luff ? My instinct is to hold onto it. Thanks.