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    Question about Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit

    Could someone please tell me why there are little snap fasteners near the cuffs at the bottom of these suits?
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    D12: Beaufort: NOR Grand Prix Full rigs and Radials

    Thanks, Rob. I am all set. See you then!
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    D12: Beaufort: NOR Grand Prix Full rigs and Radials

    Hey. Butch. You guys got room for an old guy from Seattle? ~bert
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    Laser Trailer Opinions

    One more vote for the KittyHawk. The ability to single-handely move the boat from the trailer to my dolly, or to lauch directly from the trailer when I choose is huge for me. I struggled with the same question roughly a year ago. I think all three of the major tailored-to-Laser trailers have...
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    long tiller extension

    Would not aluminum tubing serve the purpose cheaper than copper or stainless, be lighter, and be nearly as stiff as the stainless? Thinking back the standard extension was aluminum and in my memory it served pretty well. A wood extension (coupled to the connector via a short section of...
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    Splicing vectran traveller

    This has been a most instructive thread for me. It also makes me question exactly where/when any splice is legal on a Laser. As a professional mariner, I tend to think of splices and knots as being very much the same and certainly being in the same tool kit for bending rope and wire to itself...