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    Best Day This far

    Just had a killer sail. Winds gusting at 20mph, bottom rail in the water, sail out broad, waves bumping my hiked butt....Whhhoooot. Just had to share
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    Naming the boat

    Mine is well....Meinz
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    Is anyone using this tracker?

    It's in the App Store. Is it not available for Android? Many of them are available for both droid and iPhone. I suppose it uses a minute amount of data.
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    Window in sail

    Brave wife! Lucky guy! One of my goals this winter is to have a window put in.
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    Down wind?

    What do you clip it to?
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    Is anyone using this tracker?

    Our whole family uses find my friend. You can turn it off when you want to go incognito. It's not perfect at location (I may be in the house and it shows me in the street) but it's pretty close.
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    Another Sunfish

    I invested in a wetsuit, booties and hoodie this year. I'm still sailing . I'm just a little south of you...have you thought of getting rigged up? I think it will extend the season by 2-3 months.
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    Need Your Opinion on Hole in Mast Options

    Does anyone put anything on the mast at the point where the gooseneck rubs, to prevent wear?
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    Why do racers have their sails so low?

    Okay, I must have been being obtuse, thinking the inverse would work in this situation, but I get it now. Thank you sir.
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    Gill net obstacle

    Shutterfly That's a narrow entry. Our neighbor fishman decided to run his net out perpedicular to the shore at the osprey pole, then left for 300 yards, blocking my normal approach.
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    Why do racers have their sails so low?

    I've started reading the bible (The Sunfish Bible), and found that what I was sensing, was correct. On page 25, "Jack evans proved that carrying the sail low was fast". So conversely, carrying it high would slow it down...a good thing in big wind. I'm loving this book. Very interesting...
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    Happy Place

    Here's a little video, I got hung for a second on a sandbar after the tack.
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    Happy Place

    Had a great sail today. Just enough but not too much wind for me. Blowin 15 with some gust of 19. Some nice little waves with which to play. Heaven! No thinking, just sailing.
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    Today's Lesson

    Yup, that's what I did; and had nice wet, cold hands for the rest of the sail. Ordered in some neoprene sailing gloves. Still learning...
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    Today's Lesson

    Lucky catch on finding your loose screws, Kevin! L&VW, sheesh, with help like that......