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    Bailer question

    Thanks, Beldar. I gave you some misinformation as to the date...the pivotal date being '73. Here's what I saw in Sunfish Direct and another website: Special Note: During the production of the Sunfish there has been two styles of bailers. Boats manufactured before 1973 included the "old style"...
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    Bailer question

    Thanks, guys. I've seen the plastic bailers for sale but I need to specify if the hull is pre-/post- 1971. That's what I'm trying to determine. Now that I remember, the metal plate is still fastened to the deck. I'll look there. It never occurred to me to look for the sn there.
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    Bailer question

    Hello, I bought my Sunfish used back in August. The self-bailer looked corroded and didn't thread into the screws...the ball popped out, as well. I've read that the serial number on the back tells the date of manufacture and knowing that I would be able to determine whether I had a pre-71 or a...
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    Proper method for naming a boat?

    I bought mine at a church tag sale after it was dragged out of an old barn that was threatened by Hurricane Irene. And, so, my first sailboat, my lovely Sunfish, is "Irene".