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    Laser Colors

    My 79 laser is bright green. and called wet wet wet.... The definition of bad taste really but certainly full of character! I love it :)
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    something loose in my hull

    How big did the item sound? Could it just be the cubitainers? (the flotation)
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    Newbie Questions

    Cool cool. Well in that case, the metal rod that goes through the bailed hole may not be far enough in to the bung. Mine comes right through the rubber and protudes a good few millimeters before it is watertight. Try pushing it further on to the rod while the bailer is open.
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    Newbie Questions

    Hi, Is this the transom bung or the autobailer bung that is leaking? (the one on the outside of the boat or in the cockpit)
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    Field Trip to LP Rhode Island!

    Quite a bit of that thread seems to be based on people there doing some digging and finding this thread.... read in to that what you will!
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    beach launching & landing

    I have read a few things the past few days that would all have been made easier with a small dolly to rest the bow on. You could then just lift at the stern and push like a wheelbarrow. if you aren't racing it could easily be bungeed to the bow eye on the deck too for when you get back in...
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    Racing Etiquette

    Agreed! I consistently find that if I am consciously trying to "race" one person close by, that I am slower than when I am just racing myself and concentrating on what I am doing.
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    I just got a new vang.

    Which type of Vang is it?
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    I've been offered a Laser

    I recently bought a 79000 era boat. That is about 25 years old so yours would be slightly newer. I payed £375. It is a fantastic condition Hull, stiff, mast step in good state (holds water ) It didn't have any xd style rigging on it which I wouldn't expect for the price I paid. Does yours...
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    Do spars deteriorate?

    So taking that one step further, what you are saying is that the chemical composition and heat treatment of a spar has no effect on racing performance.... ;)
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    removing side deck cleats

    I think a swivel cleat used to be a builder supplied option so I wouldn't just assume it's not legal. My laser certainly looks like it came with one although it was removed thankfully. EDIT: The mainsheet...
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    Auto-capsize at the dock

    Why not precapsize it? At our club, in a blow, we will pull the boats over and rest them on the bank. Stops bucking booms making dents in masts/wind indicators when there are a lot of boats on the jetty.
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    rigging issues

    If both sections are from a laser, It will be the bottom section that is different on a radial. But yes it looks like the bottom section is from a radial!
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    Trailing on gunwale hung trolly/trailer

    Re: Trailing on gunwale hing trolly/trailer I think they are to overcome the problem of trailers usually not really having very good suspension. Large jolts transferred directly in to the gunwales on the road are more likely to damage the hull than a short period resting on the hull.
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    Mainsheet cam cleat parts needed for 1975 Laser

    Those pictures explain the odd and frankly annoying metal bracket that I have on my boat for the ratchet block. It must have had a mainsheet clamcleat on it that has been removed! Very interesting.