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    Wax recommendations?

    Whoops, good call, Ed. I'd forgotten about that stuff. I've heard that coatings with teflon in them seem to work as well. I'm not sure if the ISAF considers it a temporary coating or not. :confused: Sounds like it lasts a while, so perhaps it isn't.
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    Wax recommendations?

    I'm happy you asked. :D First, lets define laminar flow. When the flow of air or water over a surface is undisturbed and straight, with no vorticies whatsoever, the flow is said to be laminar. Laminar flow is the ideal condition for minumum drag. When the flow detaches and becomes...
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    1982 Omega 14 help

    A topping lift would be too easy to install with that main halyard tube. I wouldn't bother mounting anything to the mast. Get some very small diameter spectra and splice a loop around the tube. At least you are going for a topping lift. Boom kickers just don't seem right to me for a 14'...
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    Wax recommendations?

    Don't worry about protecting the gelcoat with a coating as you would with paint. Protect the hull's cosmetic appearance by keeping it out of the sun and heat when stored and by covering the bottom when trailering(dings in the bottom are much worse than faded gelcoat on the topsides). :) The...
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    1982 Omega 14 help

    That fitting on the base of the mast is not used by C14.2s. It is another one of the fittings the Coronado 15 and Omega 14 share in common. The factory standard position for the pin on the step is the forwardmost hole on the C-15. The aft "bolt" is for the aft notch on the notched rail to go...
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    Explain Please!!!

    If you put a block with a becket on the barney post, attach a single bullet block to that and another bullet block on a boom bail on the boom, you can use the split mainsheet system and have some extra purchase too. Just a thought. ;) A good way to do this type of mainsheet is to splice two...
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    Wanted: Broke or Bent Mast

    Richard, CSULB has a mast snapped at the spreaders if you want it. It's stripped of all fittings(USCG snapped it trying to tug it out of the mud :rolleyes: ). Other than that damage it's in nice shape. It's lying in our storage yard at the moment, and i'm sure something could be arranged.
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    C14 - Tell me what I have?

    I second Richard's analysis, except the cover over the centerboard slot is a bit puzzling. The colors totally remind me of my C15. :D
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    Convert fixed keel to centerboard

    Hi Kent, To the best of my knowledge, the Omega was built as a centerboard-only boat. There are many people out there who mistakenly call centerboards a keel, or worse a swinging keel which only adds to the confusion. The Omega, Capri 14.2 and Coronado 15 share several traits, one of them...
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    Easy Furl Mainsail Cover & Mast Fly

    Mast flys are helpful, but not totally necessary. There are simpler(and much cheaper) alternatives, like taping lengths of casette tape(wonderful stuff) to your shrouds for telltales, for example. Fly the jib telltales going upwind, and use the cassette tape telltales to tell you where the...
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    need advice!!!

    Apollo, Welcome to sailing! Where are you sailing? Do you sail by yourself? Capri 14s can, and are sailed single-handed by many people, but a c14 is really a two person boat. The boat is unbalanced fore-and-aft(unless the skipper sits ahead of the barney post), and tacks are slower and...
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    Trapezing on the capri

    Alot of skiff type boats have foot loops for the skipper when he is far aft on reaches, but crew never use them. The crew needs the freedom to move fore and aft to trim the boat properly in all trapeze boats. I've almost gone around the mast once, when I started out trapping. The key is to...
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    Shrouds and old gear

    Eric, The factory standard C14.2 shrouds are 3/32" coated SS wire. They last a long time if stored out of the elements. My club stores our boats on the water in a salt-air environment. Thus, we get water intrusion into the shrouds. The water stays there and corrodes the wire, always in...
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    Trapezing on the capri

    A 505 would be sweet. I use Gill trapeze boots and they work well, protecting the feet and giving excellent grip.
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    Trapezing on the capri

    Eric, The 14.2 would make a good trapeze trainer I think. Just make sure you use lock nuts where applicable and/or check the trap parts regularly with the rest of the boat. The Coronado 15(also from Catalina) uses the same mast extrusion and shroud mounting hardware so you should be fine...