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    Spacing Sail Slugs/Shackles

    Thanks! Thanks for all of the replies and info. This forum is a very valuable source of information.
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    Spacing Sail Slugs/Shackles

    I am thinking about placing Sailrite sail slugs and screw-on plastic shackles along the sail bolt rope so I may store the sail on the boom and also facilitate raising/lowering the sail. Is there a recommended spacing interval between the placement of the sail shackles/slugs? Any lessons...
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    Motor Mount Options Eddie, You can go cheap by simply attaching the motor to the transom with a piece of wood to distribute the pressure from the motor clamps, or may consider alternative motor mounts attached to either side of the transom and avoid contacting the rudder. I elected to...
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    Baby Bob Secured with Aluminum Straps Jim, You're right on target with the description of what worked for me. My boat is in storage and I can not get a picture, but your explanation with your picture says it all! You correctly identified the last step as drilling the hole in your bracket...
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    Baby Bob Mounted to the mast head halyard pulley bolt Jim, Your bracket works real well when it is held in place with two strips of aluminum (stock available at Lowes) held in place inside the mast vertically attached to the mast head halyard pulley bolt. I use a single bolt with a...
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    Outboard suggestions

    Outboard option Robert watch the craiglist within driving distances in your area for an outboard. I recently picked up a 2 HP Yamaha 2 cycle at 19 pounds that had very little use ( like new and about 4 years old) for $300. I wil use an adjustable motor mount ( cost about $110) so I may lower...
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    Catalina 14.2 Owners Manual - Thanks ! Thanks for posting the owner's maual. I also have a 1986 model. It is helpful to have a copy of a 1986 model.
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    Easy to capsize?

    The Catalina 14 is a dinghy sailboat....what did you expect? It amazes me how anyone would be surprised that a dinghy sailboat could be a bit tender in a gosh if you want passenger stability go to a deep keel 30 footer and spend 80 to 120k. I have a C 320, sail it regularly, but I...
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    Self taught sailor

    Self-taught sailor; Just do it! Just do it! But be safe and use a PFD. Suggest that you be prepared for a steep learning curve and that you initially choose mild conditions and a small inland lake on a low breeze day and in a low traffic area for the first few times out. Be sure to read...
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    Transom height

    Alternative to Outboard Power I also recently secured a Catalina 14.2 and after much reflection & research I have decided to go with a trolling motor and a sealed AGM battery. A 32 lb thrust motor can be secured for around $100 at Walmart on-line & a very reliable AGM battery that will last...