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    Alternative Mast Flotation device question

    I am in agreement with you Rju, I recently was walking down an isle in the local Fred Meyers and picked up a yellow Styrofoam float, 1'' hole through middle, conical at on end and flat at the other, used for crab pot "booies", 11.00 dollars. Tied it on with polyprope float line, tried it out...
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    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    Talk about an optimist!
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    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    Thanks for the excellent help with regard to knots that have sometimes been tightened over years of play, and work. I just fixed two doozys thanks to you. I am the happy owner of hull 1234 Omega Capri, purchased at Fairhaven boat yard in Bellingham, Wa. with a Glen 10 Main and no jib with...
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    Stepping the mast with roller furling setup

    First post anywhere, Just a quick comment, this is helpful information regarding mast raising, as at 68 I don't move like I used to! I have had some fun alone over the years with C-scow and Geary 18 masts, I think I tried to kill myself with them a couple of times. Purchased a Capri, hull...