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    1988 J24 #4506 For Sale

    The trailer is a Sail Pro trailer that was made by Viking Trailers. Its a single axle. No brakes, but I was told when I bought it new that they could be added if I felt I needed them, which after using it, I decided I was OK without them for my use. It's painted red to match the boat, and has...
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    1988 J24 #4506 For Sale

    Its time for our beloved J24 to be sailed by a new owner and crew. This boat has been well cared for. It is in really nice condition inside and out. Includes: - Complete trailer - very low miles, was purchased new in 2012 - Quantum racing sails - - just 1 season's use - Practice main, jib...
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    Laser II in North East, MD

    Laser II in North East, Md. Great condition. Dark Blue & White hull. Is really fun to sail. Rigged with Main and Jib. Easy to add trap and spinnaker if you want even more excitement. $1200. Call Mike at (302) 832-8266
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    Sunfish Mast for Sale

    I have several Sunfish Masts for sale - $75 each. Located in Northern Delaware. email Mike at:
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    Sunfish Booms and Mast for sale

    I have a set of Sunfish booms and mast for sale. Lower boom includes gooseneck fitting and blocks. $175. Located in northern Delaware. email Mike at:
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    Laser Lower Mast Section (standard) - $100

    I have several Laser lower mast sections (standard rig), with vang and gooseneck fittings, for sale. $100 each. Located in northern Delaware. email Mike at
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    Laser Boom, w/blocks & fittings - $75

    Laser boom, with blocks and fittings - $75. Located in northern Delaware. email Mike at:
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    Standard Rig Laser Mast and Boom (black anodized)

    CORRECTION. The upper section has an issue and won't be sold. So, the price for the lower section and boom is $165.
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    Standard Rig Laser Mast and Boom (black anodized)

    I have standard rig Laser Mast (upper and lower sections) and boom for sale. Black anodized. $250. Located in northern Delaware. email Mike at:
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    Delaminated Deck and Hull...

    The soft hull issues that I have seen are typically the result of improper trailering and storage. Lasers should be transported suspended from their gunnels (style like the trailex trailers), or deck down. When the hull is trailered deck up, and then cinched down on an improper trailer, and...
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    Delaminated Deck and Hull...

    I buy and fix a lot of Lasers used for teaching kids to sail during the summer. The structural conditions you have described are fatal, and you'll spend lots of time and effort attempting to make the hull usable, and it will still fail. The sail, spars, boom, rudder, rudderhead, tiller and...
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    Need a class legal Full rig sail and lower mast section

    I have a lower mast section I can sell you for $100. email me:
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    Strange Sunfish? Need information / Comments

    Hi Folks - I purchased a used Sunfish and its a little unusual - it has a factory medium-blue hull and a light gray deck and cockpit. Its older (meaning it has the aluminum edging), and the hull number is really strange - its A1W18641F787. So I don't have a clue who built it, or when as...