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    Laser Camping

    Dennis, That set-up is EXACTLY the kind of thing I have been planning. The more I talk about this (around home club ect.) the more I hear people have done stuff like this, which is encouraging. Heard someone sailed from Kingston, ON to Main Duck Island, which seems like it would be...
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    Laser Camping

    My sister does a bunch of canoe tripping and she had some waterproof barrels... I was thinking of duct taping that to the mast (in front). Travel light, ala hammock, hatchet and food!. my only concern is figuring out where to stay and where to put boat.... I know in the shushwap lakes in...
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    Laser Camping

    Hey, has anyone ever done any overnight trips on their laser? I'm thinking pack a barrel full of lightweight camping gear, and going for a nice long sail, set up camp stay the night, back on the boat in morning... like a mini cruise. I live in Kingston and would likely be hitting up the 1000...
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    homemade dolly circa TwentyTen

    Sorry to say, I have seen sturdier designs from PVC.... and none have lasted longer than a year. Not even ones for Optimist sailboats.
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    zhik sizing

    Ken, I'm 150lbs and 5'11 and I picked out the same wetsuit except in superwarm and size 3 power pads.... they have loosened up a bit over the few times I have gone sailing... also wet the material seems to streach a bit more. Think I would rather have the power pads on the tight side than...
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    Cross-post: Montana - Flathead Lake Championship, D22

    Attended this regatta last year and it was lots of fun. Big Beautiful lake with a very interesting thermal system and fun locals. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year Mike...I'm in Kingston for the summer. Tulk
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    Date of dark yellow laser

    Does anyone remember the hull number/year of the dark yellow laser hulls.... I think 2007/184---ish was the light yellow era.
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    Come race in Montana!

    Second thought I have 6 confirmed coming down. Is there going to be a radial fleet?
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    Come race in Montana!

    At least 2 of us can come down frm Alberta... how many are you expecting/registered
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    Sailing in strong wind

    Best thing i ever learned from sailing when it is windy: 1. pull your cunning ham all the way. 2. set outhaul based on wave conditions. 3. go block to block with your mainsheet. 4. Tighten the vang past block to block. This means when your sail is in all the way you are pulling on more...
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    4.7 division and light sailors

    By: A: hiking harder B: learning to depower C: leaning to vang sheet i weigh (66kg [light for a radial]) and am about 5-10 and i switched out of the radial into a full rig this year for lack of comptition around my area. where now i have trouble competing with the top people in a...
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    Boot Choices

    get the aigle marramu's. I use a zihk hiking strap and they stick to it good. my first real hiking boots were the plastic Gill ones with no neoprene in them and i wore those down hardcore..but they were also discontinued so i couldn't get new ones. i wanted new ones but the neoprene ones have...
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    carbon top section

    Carbon top sections suck they shouldnt change it, i would have liked it a while ago but now i can just see that it would change the technique in heavy air so much that it would be not good. If you can't handle the radial in heavy air sail a different boat or hike more
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    Mark 5 vs Mark 6 sails

    yeah the mark six sails depower more, but the mark fives are faster in light air, there is a reason heavier radial sailors bought up all the mark fives when they stopped making them, ive been told that fogh bought a bunch of them as well as the rooster guy, but those may have been rumors
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    Hiking Strap

    I have sailed with a few different straps, my first was a fogh marine padded strap, i destroyed it after a half of a year from jsut racing with it. I next got a Glenmore Sailboats yellow strap that looks like it is made out of a fire hose. it was supposed to be clone to the seitech strap that...