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    J24 and two masts

    I sent the pictures over. Let me know if you're interested.
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    J24 and two masts

    Yes I would be willing to sell my second mast. Do you have an email I can send pictures of it to?
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    J24 Ramsey NJ $5000

    Hi all J24 good condition needs cleaning. two masts, outboard engine, trailer, straps, two/three sets of sails (have to check storage). Trailer needs to be de-rusted. Gel coat relatively new, couple years old
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    J24 and two masts

    Sorry all; cost is 5000 not 8000 I have pictures but too big for here. Can send to any email address. Thanks!
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    J24 and two masts

    Hi J24 for sale. Solid gel coat, needs to be cleaned. Trailer needs to be sanded and painted. 1979 J24. 5hp outboard engine needs normal servicing done, multiple sets of mains and jibs (no storm jib) in varying conditions, one chute. Have a spinnaker pole, rigging and two masts.
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    Need a new mast for a J24 ASAP

    Hi Shahid, In good condition, I don’t have spreaders or anything for it. Just the mast. Let me take photos for you this weekend and I’ll post them here.
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    Cushion Specs

    hi does anyone have a template or specs for the foam to make j24 cushions?
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    Need a new mast for a J24 ASAP

    Hey Mike I have a spare mast. I don’t have rigging halyards and spreaders for it. Not sure if this helps.
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    J/24 cushions for sale

    Hi if these are still available can you email me pictures?