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    Mast plate decking cracks

    Thank you for that, will give her one more chance or its to the auction block. I noticed the threads are mostly for repairing a mod 1. I have a mod 2 and wonder if the mast deck is hollow unlike the mod 1? Does anyone know the answer to that before I cut into it? Thanks again.
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    Mast plate decking cracks

    Aaagghhhh....I have about had it with this boat. Spent soooooo much time, money and effort getting this boat back together and would have been de-masted if I hadn't noticed the crack beneath the mast plate just before I left the dock. Any suggestions for repair? It is a mod 2, no cracks in the...
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    Life line solo sailing

    Recently I have been sailing in a public lake and as the year progresses I see fewer and fewer boats on the lake. Meaning fewer opportunities for assistance if something happens. Added to that I have seen Youtube videos of solo sailors falling into the water and trying to get back on their boat...
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    Rigging a jib downhaul for solo sailing

    Did you put on larger jib hanks to get the downhaul line through them? If so, what size did you use? Thanks for your help.
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    Can you tell what size twist on jib hanks you put on to run the 5/16 line between them? 5mm? Thank you.
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    Mast support for trailering

    If you have time would tell me what you injected into the transom and where you injected it? Thank you.
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    Test driving the Catalina 14.2, rigging and finding parts

    I was thinking about everything I've been through over the last few years learning about and sailing my mod 2 14.2 and thought it would be a good idea to start a links thread that would allow people to find information about our boat. Granted this may have been done in the past but I haven't...
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    Transom cracked what to do?

    Forgot to post a picture.
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    Transom cracked what to do?

    Finally figured out how to get the transom back together and the boat seaworthy again. Hoping to get her in the water this weekend. Thanks again for everyone's input.
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    Transom cracked what to do?

    Sorry for the delay in responding, haven't had a lot of time to visit the forum for updates. I checked and believe I have a mod 2, not 1? If you look at pic 2 you will see I attached a piece of hard plastic to the transom and then attached the ladder hardware. Felt the oversized washers would be...
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    Transom cracked what to do?

    What type of filler/patch produt and epoxy based paint would you recommend I use? Think this is very doable, thank you!
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    Transom cracked what to do?

    Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it. If I have other questions regarding this repair may I contact you?
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    Transom cracked what to do?

    I hope I get some good news on this. Long story short, the boat went down a hill and hit a tree, cracking the transom. Have asked for quotes and companies don't feel it is worth their time. One company quoted me $3000-$4000, 30-40 hours of work. I am pretty handy with fiberglass and filler and...
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    discovered an inexpensive ladder today and installed it!

    I purchased the same ladder and in the process of installing it. Would you be able to take a picture of the inside of the transom if you get a moment and post it. Thank you.
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    Thank you, that makes sense. Nice job.