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    Considering making sails smaller

    Reefing Jim, I'd sure love to see some detailed photos of your reefing rig. I sail singlehandedly a lot and find myself capsizing far too often! Maybe reefing would be a great plan for me! Thanks, Marti
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    Rub rail

    How did the replacement go? I'm wondering how your rub rail replacement went. My '80 Capri 14 Omega has two, possibly three places where I need to replace the rub rail. Initially I thought it could wait because it was just cosmetic. That idea changed after sailing yesterday. As we caught...
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    1982 Omega 14 help

    Centerboard My 1980 Omega doesn't have a bungee cord in place either and it caused my centerboard to split. Obviously I need to replace it. My bracket is bent... I've had to take it out twice now (with only 6 voyages on her) and bend it back into place. The screws are starting to strip with the...
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    What's your year/number?

    I'm a new owner (since the end of May 07) and am curious about something. I've seen people with sail numbers that are lower than mine who say their boat is "younger" than mine. Not sure how that might work... So, I'm curious to know what everyone's sail number is and what year their boat is...
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    Throw the mast in the lake I believe I was a taker to step 1!!!! Not on purpose though! I capsized my boat on my 2nd voyage. Nearly turtled her. Does that count for "take a mast and throw it in the lake?" Since then I've put some of the foam stuff into the top of the mast, but I have NO...
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    how to fill the mast with foam

    Foam in the mast On my 2nd sail I nearly turtled my 1980 boat!!! (This could turn into one of THOSE stories for posterity, but I won't post the whole thing here.) The water wasn't deep enough to go completely bottom up, but the mast did drag in some lovely muck! Suffice it to say that I'm very...
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    Centerboard for sale

    Centerboard? Is it still for sale? Mine split today. Thanks, Marti