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    Cleats for my New Boat

    Avoid Cleats The C14 I almost bought had nylon cleats at the far corners of the after deck and I thougt about adding a pair to the C14 I did buy. So far, glad I didn't. I moor to a dock all summer with 4 lines, 2 from the dock and 2 from pipes set about 7 feet away, opposite the dock. Forward...
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    Sail down, boom up?

    topping Lift My boat has a light nylon line running from the top of the mast to an eye strap fastened to the clew end of the boom. It clips with a spring loaded brass clamp and is slack and out of the way when the main is raised. When racing (more for appearance than speed), I slip the clamp...
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    Racing in the B Class

    This fall my wife and I raced our Capri in the 44th Annual Lake Lemon Regatta (11mi. NE of Bloomington, IN). The A class Thistles and Flying Scots from the Bloomington Yacht Club, who put on the regatta, looked way out of our class. We hoped to do better against the Lasers and other smaller...
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    Whisker Pole Storage

    wisker pole storage C-ME Marine Sales has some "Clip-It" boat hook holders for three sizes of poes inlcuding 1". I just got a new wisker pole from Catalina and am considering attaching it to the stbd side of the boom using these devices. You can check them out at