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    Wanted: Rudder Bracket Gudgeon (new Style)

    Wanted: Rudder Bracket Gudgeon (new style). New or used. Please email price (with shipping to 02026). Thanks!
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    Bonito Sailboat Query

    Re: Bonito Sailboat Query - rigging? anyone have a picture or diagram of rigging for the Bonito?
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    Bonito Sailboat Query

    Good looking boat! How does it handle?
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    Bonito Sailboat Query

    Does anyone have or have any info on 14' Bonito Sailboats? Thanks, Danny
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    MiniFish FOR SALE

    Compete MiniFish Sailboat FOR SALE. I believe it is a 1973 model. Compete and in good condition. Because it 12' it does not require a trailer. It is easily transported on top of a car (or in the back of an open station wagon or SUV!). Located in Dedham, MA. Just $450.00. Please call...
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    Minifish Centerboard Dolly Plans?

    Got it - Thanks. Also found some plans on the Yahoo Sunfish Sailor Group site!
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    Minifish Bailer - replace or fix?

    We just picked up a Minifish. The bailer is stuck. Is there a good way to open it that will not damage it? Or is there an easy way to replace it? Thanks!
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    Minifish Centerboard Dolly Plans?

    We just picked up a Minish and were wondering where to find plans to build a Centerboard Dolly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MStYC