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    Wanted: Main and jib sails

    My sails are now being held together by some colorful duct tape. So yes, I am still interested in new sails or near new. We had the boat out alot this summer on Lake Erie. It was a good sailing season.
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    Wanted:  Main and jib sails

    My sails are falling apart and I need to find some new or very good used sails. I have the classic 3 color sails with pink, purple and blue. Does anyone out there have an extra set lying around?:
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    Wanted:  I need main and jib sail

    Okay, My sails are in pretty bad shape. Colorful duct tape is becoming my friend. I'm looking to see if anyone out there has a second set of sails that are in good shape that they want to get rid of, or have sails to sell
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    Sold--Rudder to Matt Nice talking to you Matt. The whole rudder system is yours. If Ed contacts you before I ship it, we can work on sending part of it to him.
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    Rudder from Monomania I want to sell the whole tiller and rudder together. I need the bucks to buy new sails for my boat. I was going to sell it for $150.00 plus shipping. I have no idea what it is to ship. If you and Ed want to work something out. I will ship the pieces to two different...
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    Rudder Dimensions The rudder is 38" from top to bottom. Widest part is 10". Lower pintel is up 26 1/4" from the bottom of the rudder and the second pintel is another 7 1/2" up from that. The rudder has a small 1 1/2 scratch in it, not deep at all. It has the hiking stick. I will try to post a...
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    Wanted:  jib and sails for my capri 14.2

    I have a main sail that is red white and blue--I need a jib sail to match. My other sails are old and are starting to rip, especially my jib. I am looking for the pink, blue and purple sails to replace. They can be used if in good shape. Thanks Monomania
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    My used rudder I have the full assembly. Comes with tiller, and it locks. SOLD
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    Wanted Kick-up Rudder

    I have a kick up rudder Matt, I have an extra used kick up rudder. I am also looking for some good used sails for my capri. The Rudder is SOLD I am still looking for sails for my boat. Thanks