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    This Certainly is a Silly Thread

    What would a SUNFISH look like if our legs bent the other way?
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    My newly restored fish

    Nicely Done! She's purty!
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    Old Sunfish Promo

    nice vid! Thanks for sharing.
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    Flicks of Sunfish vanity plates wanted

    Where abouts in Ma. are ya.
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    Non-Racing Sunfish Events

    Would be nice to have "coordinated" get togethers to sail different locations recreationaly.
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    Sun Fish in the Ocean ????

    I've only sailed in ocean water. Cape cod bay side. Every thing said prior to my post is 100% true. The water currents and wind change daily....even hour to hour. I don't sail far from shore, if i do its in a group. Can be a whole lotta fun though if you use your head.
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    Race for fun...

    Race for fun, Some older boats , some new. Just thought i'd share a few pics.
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    Noob Question: 55 Orbit

    I don't race, but have used mine recreationaly for the last few years... less arm strain (on long sailing days) and i've kept an eye on wear and tear. Seems fine. I never liked the cleats. I like to sail, not swim.:)
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    Is it worth it?

    Just a stupid thought...... How about a floating water tight tow behind if ya trying to bring things along? Suppose the rudder is a big factor. The hatch idea seems like a good way to possibly ruin an otherwize water tight hull. Just my humble opinion.
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    New 1975 AMF Sunfish

    Wow, She's a 33 years young! There are plenty of boats in my area where i sail in the 1975 range. Not one is as nice or as new.
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    Overnighter In Sunfish

    Do you plan on bringing that special someone with you?;) Some kind of a beacon wouldn't be a bad idea either...If your out to sea...
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    Hull decal?

    Decal looks great! Thanks for a great deal!
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    Hull decal?

    Recived my decals from Josev today. They look excellent. Thank you, Josev. MoEmAn
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    Hull decal?

    PM sent. Thank you.
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    Gelcoat rejuvinator........

    Was gonna try and find just one 4 oz. bottle.( don't need 4) I'm not that familiar with the products you've used. Its just surface scratches i'm dealing with. Do you have any more info. on the West Marine or other products? Thanks in advance, Moe