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    New Online Laser Course Available Now

    Having payed the monthly fee and previewed the first course in light wind I would also rate this very highly as a learning tool. The little details that are explained and illustrated are excellent.I have been very successful in light air racing but watching the videos I am finding areas to...
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    New Online Laser Course Available Now

    Looks like a great idea,anyone sign up yet?it would be nice to get some reviews.
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    Two Laser full-rig sails; both legal

    Sent you a message
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    MINNESOTA Cunningham System

    Complete Harken Cunnigham system with Robline Control line.All set up and ready to use. $40 plus shipping
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    MINNESOTA Laser Clew Sleeve

    Regularly sell for $55 selling for $30 plus shipping. (807) 577-2109
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    Best Life Jacket?

    First one is 8 years old red one is 4.
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    Best Life Jacket?

    My experience with Zhik is the material lasts about 4-5 years then disentegrates ):
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    Main sheet length

    Haveing measuring my Mainsheet again,I found it to be just a couple inches shy of 44' and you are right that is about the perfect length.
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    Main sheet length

    That length sounds like a recipe for a tangled mess in the cockpit.
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    Main sheet length

    I know they recommend 44' but that seems to me way too long.Interested to hear the length some other guys are racing with?
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    Harken boom and traveler blocks

    Nice to have or significant improvement to original blocks?
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    Zhik PFD

    Interested please contact 807-577-2109
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    Laser Vang Swivel

    Do you recall if you need to drill out the Vang Tang for the pin on this swivel?
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    Laser Vang Swivel

    Yes. I meant 8:1