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    PENNSYLVANIA Wooden Mast and Booms

    Hi All, I am looking for a set of wooden booms and a mast, circa 1950s for my wooden sunfish. If anyone has any or knows any leads, let me know! -Mark
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    PENNSYLVANIA Another Wooden Sunfish

    Another wooden sunfish for sale! $750 in Kutztown, Pa, and it looks to be in great shape! Here is the link.
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    Wooden Sunfish on Facebook Marketplace - $300

    Apologies if the link didn't work when I sent it, but it seems like a great deal for someone looking for a wooden sunfish.
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    NEW JERSEY Wooden Sunfish on Facebook Marketplace - $300

    Saw this ad on facebook marketplace, not mine and have no affiliation with seller.
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    Wooden Mast and Booms

    Anyone have picturesof the wooden mast and booms that came with early sailfish/sunfish? I'd like to see the fittings on the booms and the bottom of the mast in particular
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    1986 Sunfish - Very Good Condition

    1986 Sunfish Sailboat. Excellent condition, ready to sail. Daggerboard and rudder/tiller could use fresh varnish, but work great as they are. Boat has been stored inside for last 6 years and is bone dry. Has 2 inspection ports, no leaks. Also has an aft storage compartment in cockpit. Cam cleat...
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    PENNSYLVANIA Mast/booms and bronze fittings

    Looking to unload some of my surplus sunfish below. Carriage Bolt - $20 Interlocking Eye Bolts - $10 Tiller Extension - $30 Rudder/Tiller - $250 Mast/booms (mast has repair but is fully functional - $150 Rudder Pin - $75
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    Looking for wooden mast and booms

    Thank you! I am eagerly awaiting the pictures
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    Looking for wooden mast and booms

    I am very interested in this, would you be able to attach some pictures to this thread?
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    PENNSYLVANIA Looking for wooden mast and booms

    I've been on the hunt for an old set of wooden mast and booms for sunfish from the 50s/early 60s. If anyone has any they are looking to sell or know where to point me that would be greatly appreciated.
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    PENNSYLVANIA Mast and Booms for Sale

    Selling mast and booms, in good working condition on Ebay. Here's the link: Sunfish Sailboat Mast and Booms | eBay
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    My Wooden Sunfish Restoration

    I didn’t bother trying to unscrew them since they felt like they were epoxied in place. Plus there are a few extra screws. Thanks for the tip about the discount in TotalBoat!!! I’ll definitely message you next time I need something. Till then, I hope you enjoyed my little restoration!!!
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    My Wooden Sunfish Restoration

    The deck proved to be much harder and more difficult than I had expected it to be. I tried getting the loose chips of paint off, but realized I would just have to scrape all the paint off. The hot Pennsylvania sun did half the work for me. Scraping while the sun beat down every afternoon made...
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    My Wooden Sunfish Restoration

    Here's some before and after pictures of me painting the underside of the woody. I used TotalBoat WetEdge Topside Paint from Jamestown Distributors. They have a great reputation for customer service. I called on several occasions and they were able to offer me advice on my restoration. Looking...