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    General thoughts

    Float search I have read quite a bit about the float and will do a search as suggested. Thanks for the tip. Michael
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    General thoughts

    Hi All, Our boat is now named: "Explorer K". We just finished applying a few layers of anti-fouling on her, about 2 inches below the factory stripe, as she is kept on a mooring on the Indian River, FL. A regular garden solar light has been mounted at the top of the mast to comply with safe...
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    Two birds with one shot

    We saw an ad in the local paper: 1994 Capri 14.2. Price negotiable. Single owner. Under tarp. Collection point about a 2 hour drive. First comes first serve. Negotiations done, the new baby in the family (there is a 22' Hunter in the back yard as well) were parked in a prized spot: right outside...