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    93 laser std

    Sold today
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    Wax or No Wax??

    alot of the old hands have told me to clesn it up with Softscrub and wetsand. I believe it cause I wetsand my front forks on a motorcycle aluminum that is 400 and 800 grit:)
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    forgot pics
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    A 93 STD, saiking Gtown, SC Harbour
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    93 laser std

    Yes it includes trailer and spare tire I have new lights and wiring , not had time to install. Will not part out cover.
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    93 laser std

    93 Laser great shape no dents mast step great. @ sails 1 new 1 older both class legal. new Bzzz mainsheet and Harken block and new Orbit blocks New harkrn Vang system custom made outhaul and downhaul sportbottle new Harken traveller blocks 2 life jackets and 3/4 hiker.. have storm cover for...
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    Boom end plug

    I did one a few years ago after drilling out the rivet, I had to drill a bunch of holes in the end cap. Then I got it out with needlenose plyers.
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    Beginner looking for ready to sail laser

    I have a 92 great shape, trailer, vang, outhaul, cunny upgrades new traveler and boom blocks. Mike 8432401801
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    Big Question

    Very well put Jeffers , you are true sailor. Mike
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    Big Question

    Awhile back a user had a question and so I replied with a polite answer. Well he got downright nasty about the whole thing and I fired back " excuse me" Merrily quickly jumped in and cleared things up and I appreciated very much. So the administrators have to draw a line in the sand...
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    Lake Lanier

    weather chanel reported 3 ft belew lastnite.
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    boat polish and other seasonal maintenance

    I have been using softsrub, a ptfe tephlon polish West has it others. Most top sailors advice a light wet sand.
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    questions: re. a used laser

    I had a 73 I sold last year with trailer and 2 sails, I got 800, with the econemy as it is offer 700, if no give him a week try again. Good luck.
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    Hot tops

    ROOSTER all the way I have their gloves, hot top and fleese.
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    So many covers!

    The Intensity sails cover should do just fine they are great people to deal with and ship fast.