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    Fast Bottoms??

    If you're over 160lb, any manual sanding to help get you down to that weight "might" be beneficial.
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    Early 50s sailfish restore

    Try some Interlux Awlcraft 2000....the relative to Awlgrip...and boatyard favorite. It's expensive, but has incredible durability. The 2000 can be final sanded and buffed and also applied during non favorable weather, unlike Awlgrip (where the clear coat rises to the top when curing), but...
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    Early 50s sailfish restore

    Ya know, AAw
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    Phantom/Pointer 14

    Molds could be used for bow repairs, etc???? :-)
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    Racing sail life?

    Generally windward telltales will flicker occasionally, pointing upwards, while the leeward should stream aft.
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    Early 50s sailfish restore

    I agree
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    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    The paint covers 120 sanding marks ok? I guessing it must, or you would have used 400...or maybe 220.
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    Halyard line size

    Samson's trophy braid (a double braid polyester), has a soft, fuzzy outer core. ...easy to grip. It grabs well in self tailing winches (and ratchet blocks). I use it on mainsail furling lines and the like, on larger cruising bosts.
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    Improve old boat or upgrade?

    I learned a awhile back that a "race ready" boat does as much for the mindset as does any perceived performance enhancement. Getting first to the line in a faster boat, knowing your boat is at its peak comparatively, will influence your tactics. However, most of us know, a better tack or two...
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    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    I agree...the fact the the shopvac always pulls full power, is basically a huge, unadvertised aspect. little Dewalt orbital, like yours I think, works like a champ. I bought two, so I'd never be stranded on the job, but the first one still going strong. At about $60 for the Dewalt...
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    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    I was the "dust deputy" this thread. I 've sanded about 50 boats now...27-42 ft, prepping for bottom paint, using the "dust deputy"....and have yet to clean out/dump the ShopVac. (Over the last 3 seasons). I've emptied the dust deputy pail more than several times now however...
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    hull repair help

    I'd heard it was closer to 12.7 %... ;-)
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    Rudder on hold

    Or....a powerboater towing you out???....which won't help coming back home!:-)
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    Rudder on hold

    And yes...position the boat so it so it won't drift to port tack, with the boom sweeping you off the deck.
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    Rudder on hold

    Also..ive found leaving the mast up and then just raising the sails should only take a couple of seconds. Let the mainsheet run free...with a stopper knot...and forget the rudder. After 5-10 seconds raising the sail, scurry back into the cockpit and resume course and sail/trim as needed. Try...