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    Not sure what to do with my 1967 sunfish

    At a nice price there should be some interested buyers. Free to an up and coming sailor would be a wonderful gesture.
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    New rudder blades made

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    Shaky Sail...

    I tend to agree, but I've seen instances were the sound was a bit counter to the peacefulness of a relaxing sail. Usually not, but you have to turn your brain "off" to the attention it typically garners....something some sailors are not able to easily do
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    Shaky Sail...

    "possibly"...or that might make it worse! You know the next step! ;-)
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    Shaky Sail... will create turbulence. That's why larger sails will have "leach lines", and similar along the foot, to eliminate sail flutter. An over "cupped" sail is more desirable over one that is fluttering, for smooth and best air flow.
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    What is the proper way to use swivel cam cleat?

    Also...I did move the block hanger (strap) on the boom...forward, up next to the sail clip, so the tiller extension could clear, while fully extended. That made a big difference. I like the length of the tiller extension, but it would sometimes hang up trying to pass it thru when tacking...
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    What is the proper way to use swivel cam cleat?

    I've been out in some serious winds with this setup... Still use the "hook" sometimes and the blocks as since been replaced with a ratchet style. I'll cleat in if the winds are "steady"...even in a blow. It's when things get shifty and puffy, that cleats put you in the water. If I'm hiking...
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    Tiller tamer and ratchet block?

    "Crack" me that's using yer "brain"
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    Converting a trailer for 2 fish?

    That Heudra trailer looks great. Definitely a multi person job to get a boat on the top racks. I'm not a maniac driver by any means, but it sure seems more top heavy than I'd be comfortable with. Not sure I'd be comfortable in the same lane in another car, just behind it either. Must be...
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    Converting a trailer for 2 fish?

    I sold an old style Trailex trailer, that didn't have the suspension leaves...just the rubber pads. But, that wasn't the problems, the support bunks would bend going around corners with the trailer...or maybe the metal had become fatigued...idk....? Any rate, great for a beach dolly for sure...
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    So I bought another sunfish....

    I find extra fish laying around...flipped upside down, make comfortable beds.
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    First post...Bought 1999 Vanguard Sunfish for $300...

    Yeah...i noticed the stripes where gone. I know you can thin and spray Perfection, but you probably know it was designed for roll and tip and gives incredible results. Your job looks stunning.
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    Mast Horn Cleat

    If you put the cleat too high, you won't be able to reach it in waist deep water. You might consider that too. Lastly I think two properly drilled holes with screws will not be the weak area in a Sunfish mast.
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    First time on the water

    If you can reach it, maybe thru bolt it with some larger fender washers. I epoxied an aluminum plate and tapped a screw into that.
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    First time on the water

    I've seen backup cameras as low as $50, but have no idea how good they are.