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    Mast Horn Cleat

    If you put the cleat too high, you won't be able to reach it in waist deep water. You might consider that too. Lastly I think two properly drilled holes with screws will not be the weak area in a Sunfish mast.
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    First time on the water

    If you can reach it, maybe thru bolt it with some larger fender washers. I epoxied an aluminum plate and tapped a screw into that.
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    First time on the water

    I've seen backup cameras as low as $50, but have no idea how good they are.
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    Sunfish in water

    Mine was about in that shape when got it (free)...but it had all the parts. The daggerboard was swollen and it took some pounding to remove it...not to mention it weight about 200 lbs. After a winter and a cleaning, it's just fine. If you can get it'd be a fun kayak boat, but as...
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    Building a new Daggerboard

    Owning an Intensity glass board, it fits the slot in both my Sunfishes and looks to be well made....from someone who has spent over 30 years, professionally repairing sailboats. I made a transom hung rudder for a Pacific SeaCraft Flicka, and that took a bit. the point sometimes it's...
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    Building a new Daggerboard

    btw...I extended a daggerboard (two times, as you can see in the first picture) using various methods...don't waste your time. The Intensity board is MUCH better all around, mainly due to the aerodynamics of the board.
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    Building a new Daggerboard

    For what it's worth, I use Starboard, Marine lumber...whatever you want to call it, quite a bit. However, for a piece as thick and as big as a daggerboard, you're approaching the price of just buying a new one from Intensity, if class legal isn't important. That board is a great substitute or...
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    1950s Alcort Super Sailfish ZSA ZSA Restoration

    As mentioned previously, I really like how the paint job wraps around, going below the waterline. I'm going to do similar on another one design day sailor. On high tech racers nowadays, the paint jobs can be really cool...even extending up into the sails.
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    Rudder Pivot Point “improvement”

    Actually, that's what I did.
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    Rudder Pivot Point “improvement”

    I've done the same
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    You might Google AquaFinn by American Sail they have a molded splash guard like that. They however have metal blades for rudders and possibly the Sunfish sail fits....but the AquaFinn has sleeves vs rings used on the Sunfish spars.
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    Sail Repair Pics

    Love it. I've got a hull of a boat with enough dings, I was thinking of doing the same kind of idea. I think it works incredibly well on the sail, especially all the young "fry" Sunfishes! I've got a sail or two that probably will get the same treatment as well.
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    Sunfish Identification

    Here is the issue with stretching. Larger race boats with standing rigging will tune it bar tight or even use solid, rod rigging. Halyard and sheets are in another price catagory, both for lighter weight and resistance to stretching. The idea is the force and changes in the wind are then not...
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    Sunfish Identification

    You guys are brutal :-) Nylon is preferred for dock lines, anchor rodes and maybe the "painter" line to tow the fish to "preferred" waters. That said, my Sunfish has never seen a dock line, other than to lash it to the trailer, an anchor....and towing is a "sin". -)
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    Heavy Sunfish

    Only slinging up on a car top :-) Consider the xtra weight of a 75lb crew vs no crew.