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    Replacement splash guard

    If anything...just put a dab of caulk at each screw....but as mentioned minimal water will get in if any without caulking
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    How much wind?

    Paddling back to the launch area sucks. Light wind is ok unless it just collapses to nothing
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    Turned down low price fish purchases

    Ha. Dig out of snow??... Two would be dug out of 3 ft weeds. The old rudders and nasty sails turned me off first. Then the horredous daggerbaords and trailers that were basically scrap. I was figuring about $3-400 in parts each before even dealing with cosmetics. That's about my top dollar...
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    Turned down low price fish purchases

    The seller I'm pretty sure thinks they're worth the $750....after talking for a bit. Said he turned down 1/2 that for the good one. But the others are really really rough. ...and I don' want to invest in rudder replacement hardware for starters
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    Turned down low price fish purchases error in wording above...anodized aluminum with a carbon fiber extension....I believe from Holt Allen...that went put of business
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    Turned down low price fish purchases

    thx Ghost... my 69 fish was free, minus my wanted upgrades...sail, carbon fiber tiller and extension and perty running rigging. Hard to scoff at that.
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    Turned down low price fish purchases

    I looked at three fishes today that came with 2 trailers for $750 for all. I was initially excited but after seeing them...2 should be dumpster bound and the best was pretty rough. All had old style rudder but ALL blades would need serious work and probably new sails too. Trailers were...
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    Power Washer damage

    Paint a bunch of tiny sunfish of a kind custom paint job
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    Googling "Sunfish"...

    Let's see....sitting around a Sunfish, drinking Bud Light...NO rudder... seems like a good match!
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    Refinishing rudder, tiller and daggerboard this weekend

    Actually, I believe West does have a UV resistant clear coat. I've used the regular with decent success, keeping it out of the sun for prolonged periods. IOW, my mahogany rudder is glassed and coated with West. But I agree, removing West to refinish a wood part, borderlines on futile. The...
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    Refinishing rudder, tiller and daggerboard this weekend

    A common mistake of those using epoxies. It's a molecular matchup and any excess of either is just waste. This thought I'm believing, comes from adding extra MEK to polyester resins...which WILL make it "kick" faster.
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    Purchasing Sunfish from the 70's

    If you haven't splashed the Cat 22 or anything else, the Sunfish is what you are looking for. From trailer to sailing in 5 minutes if you're not drinking a rootbeer at the same time. Skip the Laser, unless you're sailing with another one or fleet racing. More involved...but not much to set...
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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    Into a 20 mph headwind... Ya think it'll stay put? Keep it flat as suggested.
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    Foam daggerboard?

    I extended my original 69 wood board...then extended it again. It's now 50"... way past legal length....but I don't race and am goofing around. I also got the Intensity board just recently so will compare this upcoming season... The first pic shows what it was...and the 1st extension....with...
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    Barn Find, I did...

    wow...that's just like my 69