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    How To for this Forum?

    Is there some place on the site where I can read about how to use the forum? I know it probably works like any forum, but I'm not very familiar with how forums work...just now learning.
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    Daggerboard, Bungee, and Racer Confusion

    Just finished the last step; getting out today. I guess I'll find out if I can sail a racer without the cunningham (for now anyway). Anything's got to be better than my 300 pound, waterlogged Scorpion.
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    Daggerboard, Bungee, and Racer Confusion

    Thanks so much. Now the directions in the manual make sense. I just can't believe that I sailed my old used Sunfish, actually a Scorpion, with the wooden daggerboard backward all those years. On the rudder, the curved edge faces forward, but now I see that on the rudder, that is the thicker...
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    Daggerboard, Bungee, and Racer Confusion

    I just assembled my new sunfish racer. The manual says to thread one of the brummel hooks on the bungee through the daggerboard hole, but there are two holes. Only the aft hole is large enough, is that the one I use? Of course, I could just remove the brummel hook and then feed the bungee...