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    Trailer Design Feedback

    I think too much of the boat is hanging over the back without support which is why I think the boat needs to come forward on the trailer if possible. I would take the winch off so you can move the boat further forward. You don't need a winch for this boat. Then mount cradles which are...
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    Righting Sunfish

    Volume of mast: 3.14...x 1.125" x 120"= 477.13 cubic inches 1 gallon = ~ 231 cubic inches 231/477.13=~2 the mast can hold about 2 gallons. weight of 1 gallon of water = ~8.35lbs weight of empty mast + 16.7 lbs = full mast. I'm rusty but that should be it. For buoyancy, I'd need more...
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    outhaul line

    You want a very low stretch line that is a 3mm (1/8" or thereabouts) diameter. Good luck finding it at Lowes. I had trouble finding that size and quality at marine shops. :D
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    Justice and a California sailor's death

    Hopefully the jury will remember it must be proved "beyond a reasonable doubt". What a sad case. :( In the end, nobody really wins.
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    How to leak test the inspection port?

    Craps I always forget about that hole. I think I have a bicycle pump...
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    Painting a Sunfish

    It's less abrasive than a rubbing compound but still a polish. It's the last step before you'd wax.
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    Car topping the Sunfish, Suggestions Please

    I'm using a Thule rack with pool noodles for cushion (the ones the rack came with aren't long enough). In the front "feet" of the rack I've mounted some eye bolts so I can slide a 1/2" pipe through them that hangs out to the side so that I can load and unload by myself. I just move the bow to...
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    Painting a Sunfish

    How bad of condition are we talking? I restored the finish on mine. It was bad. If you ran your finger across it, it'd turn white. I wet sanded, used rubbing compound, glaze, then wax. I used an electric buffer/polisher I got from walmart for $30 to apply the compound, glaze and wax...
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    How to leak test the inspection port?

    No, I washed down the entire boat since I had bothered to do the test in the first place. Why wouldn't I? The rudder mount was just a place I wouldn't have been surprised if it was leaking, but it isn't...which actually surprised me. Since the entire hull passed, the port is the only thing...
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    How to leak test the inspection port?

    I've got a small leak I'm chasing. The cat bag in the inspection port at the stern gets damp and that's the only way I know there's a leak. I've got a port near the bow and near the stern. I suspected the rudder mount and did a leak test as per instructions and it passes. But it doesn't test...
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    trailer modifications

    I would use the bunks to mount cradles you've cut to match the curve of the hull (or deck if you're transporting upside down).
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    We'll have to try harder than that to help this guy out, I'm afraid. The Seahorse is mentioned in the yahoo groups but no insignia is available. I think they pictured a hull but it's quality is not good enough to make an ID. And the shortypen link mentions it but no info. :(
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    I saw a guy at the lake just yesterday with the exact same thing but in red. He didn't know what it was either and someone had told him once upon a time that it was possibly a Seahorse. I know, they really went out on a limb with that info considering the logo. :rolleyes: I checked some...
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    That explains it. I knew I wasn't crazy when I returned to shore before I had even left! :D
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    I'm not even sure how to tell you're planing. :confused: I thought I've been regularly getting it planing. The bow would be out of the water and the wake from the hull would start about where the coaming is. But the other day, holy hell were we moving. It felt like we were just skipping...