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    Sunfish buried in snow? Time to shovel off to avoid damage

    I had an A-frame when the damage was done years ago. The frame is made from 2 inch ABS pipe coming up from the mast step and then teeing off forward and aft and supported in other places along the length of the boat by tee's. The A frame only sheds the water. Next winter I will try to get it...
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    Sunfish buried in snow? Time to shovel off to avoid damage

    I have broken so many rudder pins that I now use a 3/8 SS bolt with a lock nut and have left the rudder on the boat for the past couple of years but before that I would put the rudder in the cockpit. The boat is on the launching dolly and drain plug is open. One year I had very small bunks in...
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    Sunfish buried in snow? Time to shovel off to avoid damage

    All that extra weight can cause damage if bunks or cradle are not correct and even if they are you should shovel off to prevent damage to hull. We have been getting hammered with storm after storm here in Atlantic Canada and US north east and another Noreaster is coming this week. Picture shows...
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    Rudder options

    With the damage that you have I would be building a new rudder as it is a safety issue Kevin is right, it's time to build a new one. After all the rudder is over 40 years old and now worn out and unsafe. A hand saw and and a rasp will do the trick to shape a new rudder. My first year of boat...
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    Sunfish for Christmas

    If you have a old wooden tiller extension replace with a universal long handle extension. Can be made cheaply with aluminum ski pole and a universal joint. Plans posted on forum. Water proof GPS is fun. Minas man
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    Thickened epoxy?

    Microballons or 3M glass ballons are used and will be white depending on the resin. If you look up resin fillers you will get lots information. Minas man
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    Grew Sunfish?

    Thanks for your story. My Grew Sunfish is still out in the back 40 and I have used it for spare parts for the standing rigging of my 1979 Alcort Fish. Wayne correctly identified it as a 1966 hull. When you have a good working boat I find it hard to get motivated to put in the time and money on...
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    How Do You Replace A Rudder Head Pintle?

    I believe that the 3/8 is thick enough but it is the thin spots that bend and break are the weak points. Minas man
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    How Do You Replace A Rudder Head Pintle?

    The weak links as mentioned, snap ring, cotter pin and a bent pintle is why I have made the switch to a 3/8 x 5'' stainless steel bolt and 2 nuts to lock it in. I have experienced sailing down time do to this simple part failing and have a drawer full of broken pintles. I would recommend that...
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    Sail Sale

    That's a great price for a good sail. I bought a white one and it has more power than my previous 2 sail. I will have to update my forum photo with the new sail. Minas man
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    2nd Sail day woes...

    Lots of good advice now you need to practice in lighter wind conditions. Part of being a good sailor is knowing your limitations and not sailing in conditions that exceed your ability. Taking on crew. Passengers on boats come in two categories they are an asset or a liability on the water so...
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    Bum scoot

    Sounds like you need a universal tiller extension instead of the old wooden extension. I have a thread on aluminum ski pole tiller extension. Minas man
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    Which Stand-Up Spring for Main Sheet Block?

    The spring is a Harken non tapered with a 1 inch diameter and the wire thickness is .080 of an inch. Minas man
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    Oops. Minifish inspection port?

    If the hull is left outside I have had condensation from dew that shows exactly where the foam blocks are located. A digital laser thermometer can be used to check hull temperature differences and find the blocks. I would put a port in as it can be used in the future and you can decide later...
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    Which Stand-Up Spring for Main Sheet Block?

    Will have to dig through all my sailing hardware or I can get out the calipers and measure but I believe it is a Harken eye strap and the spring fits around the eye seating perfectly on the flat flanges and the round head bolts are clear of the spring. I bought 2 springs, a light and a heavy...