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    Ever wonder why seitech wheels never come in the mail?

    jim do your wheels work with the seitech?
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    Remove Steel from Deck

    A big hammer, or explosives?:D
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    XD vs. Old Style controls

    Great start on the 6:1 kicker and downhaul. Do you race or day sail? race - xd upgrade is basically required to be competitive. daysail - many cheap alternatives / work arounds. Here is a suggestion for an effective 6:1 that requires two lines, a block with single becket, and 2 small blocks...
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    small car... car top rack??

    +1 Cartopper, +1 No damage to boat. Slight damage to car paint job though.... The bow and stern ties are cheap insurance, but not 100% necessary for short trips with good primary straps to the rack. Use $2 pool noodles or similiar to prevent the rack from grinding lines into the deck. Other than...
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    I'll take the cover if it has not sold yet! Please email me at Thanks, Jon

    I'll take the cover if it has not sold yet! Please email me at Thanks, Jon
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    Ever wonder why seitech wheels never come in the mail?

    This is completely true! I tried buying a dolly new and waited many weeks for stock to come in. The story was always "just one more week." The company I ordered through told me that they were always (and I really mean always!) on backorder and especially so during the sailing season. They have a...
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    Help needed - Leaky cockpit bung

    Anyone know why the washer like ring is not round? What orientation should it be in during install?
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    radial parts

    I am looking for a used radial lower and sail to sail in the SF bay. Practice equipment is OK. Thanks!
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    cunningham binding

    I think are you saying to jam the static side into the crevice as a preventative? That just might do the job. Thank you.
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    cunningham binding

    I have a 10:1 cunningham similar to the laser xD setup, except on the port side of the sail. The problem is that I have frequent difficulty easing the line. The primary appears to be binding between the gooseneck and the boom. Has anyone come across any tricks to prevent this...
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    How to transport a laser???

    Having only cartopped since I bought my laser a couple years ago, I eventually developed a system that allows me to take the hull down single handedly in 8 minutes and up again in 12. At least, that's how long it took when I timed myself. The key is to support one end and move the other. Other...
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    Rudder angle fully down

    What's that little black line for?
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    Laser Pico on our car

    I thought that the Pico and Topaz has a hard durable plastic type of hull that is not damaged as easily as glass hulls. The car is probably in more danger. I know it was mentioned that there would probably be 2 sailors, but here is possible procedure to cartop it by yourself as long as your...
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    comments on practice sails from

    Thumbs up on my intensity sail as well. A great upgrade for a tired class legal sail if you do not race.