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    Old man beginner

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am in touch with the Seattle Fleet and will get going ASAP. Mike
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    Old man beginner

    Two injuries actually. Achilles tendonitis (came back after being gone for 3 years after a 10 year chronic bout) and plantar fascitis (which I have also had before). Both seem to take forever to get rid of and the older you get the longer it takes.......I think (hope?) that sailing would be...
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    Old man beginner

    I have had an on and off again Laser sailing affair going on for about 6-7 years. I am now a Grand Master and have my current boat set up as a Radial. I have owned it for 3 years and only sailed it 3 times. Rigging is for the most part up to current standards. The reasons for not sailing it...
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    Installing a new hiking strap. Need help.

    Absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately most of it is true. I can relate to the "son of a b.....h tool" a lot.
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    Launching from a boat ramp with a Kittyhawk trailer

    Well...................................I walk down the ramp until the wheels go in to just about hub high, set down the tongue of the trailer, the bow floats up and I turn the rotating bow holder thingy out of the way and then am able to pick up the stern and slide it off. It's actually pretty...
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    Launching from a boat ramp with a Kittyhawk trailer

    I walk it down (don't or can't get the trailer to back up with the car properly-lol). I also launch it bow first - for one it is easier to get off the trailer that way and for the other I don't need to get the hubs in the water. It seems to work well that way. Good Luck! Mike
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    Can anyone explain me about laser's photochemical effect?

    I had laser treatments, and they proved to be much to powerful for my feeble body, so I had to move to radial laser treatments. These proved to be just what the doctor ordered. Now I am in sync with wind and water!
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    Laser® Sailing Calendar

    I'd get one too!
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    Paint type for rudder and board

    It looks like you are going for the quick fix, but I used this stuff...
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    Training center for oldsters

    I bought a laser radial last winter and have only sailed it a few times. I would like to race it a bit, but am reticent to do so based on ................well never having raced. I was thinking about going to the Cabaret Laser Center next winter and then starting to race after that. I am...
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    Aftermarket daggerboard?

    I am far from an expert here, but I see a couple of problems with your concept. First, as already pointed out it wouldn't be class legal. So, it would apparently only have appeal to rec sailors. Would there not be modifications necessary to the hull and cocpit? I think that the cockpit is...
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    Sailing plans for 2009

    As a reformed windsurfer and former part time sailor, who never raced, I am just getting into the Laser thing. I'm also an old guy, so I went with a Radial. My goals are to get out on the water as much as I can (the weather around Puget Sound has been awful ever since I bought the boat) and...
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    Coffee, anyone?

    I am from Seattle. It is required that you drink coffee if you live here :D
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    Upgrade Lower Vang Block

    Looking to buy a lower Vang Block for the upgraded package. Either Holt or Harken. Please email Thanks, Mike
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    Chipped dagger board

    I remember reading in "The Laser Book" that it can be repaired with wood chips and epoxy glue and then painted with 2 part polyurethane paint. I am sure someone here has actually repaired one and can go into more detail. If not you may want to check out the above book. Sorry I don't (well...