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    Tight tolerances

    Its interesting if you look at the Annapolis sailing website you can get a north laser sail (strict one design) for $565 or an North Optimist race sail (multiple suppliers allowed) for $570…….laser sailing is still the cheapest sailing I’ve ever done........
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    laser gulf coasts april 16th/17th - is it on??

    The event is not showing on the St petersburg YC website, can't see anyway for people to enter and the email contact address doesn't seem to work - any one have any news?
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    World Masters Entries for SF

    Interesting quote from goverenail …”Anybody who could write that crap simply does not have a clue”…I was under the impression that I was expressing a different point of view than Governails but it appears that I have no clue. Well for what its worth I do have a different perspective. The world...
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    World Masters Entries for SF

    I think about 60 people entered for the masters worlds within the first 24 hours of the application being up so it does not seem to me that there was any issue with people who are keen to go not being aware of the event.
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    Flying with a tiller + extension

    I use cardboard mailing tubes (the sort you use for rolled documents) and carry as hand luggage on the plane - I've flown out of New york maybe 20 times with no issues - I think the carbon fibre looks OK via the x-ray, in fact I have never had anyone ask for me to open it.....I do tape up just...
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    Flying with a tiller

    I've flown out of newark airport in new york maybe 10 times in the last two years with my tiller as hand luggage and had no problems. I do wrap it up just in case I'm asked to check it...I use two mailing tubes (see link below), tape together and cut to length. You can fit two tillers and ext in...
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    2011 4.7 and Master Worlds Preview

    Tracey, are the US champs going to clash with the masters worlds next year or is it possible to do both...the 2011 planner has dates which look like they overlap? cheers! mike
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    Rules Question: Rule 13 Protest

    The fact found by the protest committee in the case above were: 1/ The port tacker completed his tack and was sailing on starboard tack (i.e. based on the evidence the committee found that the tack was completed NOT just that the boat had passed via head to wind) 2/ At that point the starboard...
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    Weather for North American's in Texas in June?

    Anyone know what the conditions in Galveston Bay are like in June? Is it usually hot with light winds or is there any breeze?
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    Warning - laser masters worlds accommodation

    The goodwood revival motor racing event is being held fairly near Hayling island the second weekend of the masters (17th to 19th sep 2010) and I've noticed that hotels have put their pricing up for the weekend and one hotel I was thinking of staying at is already sold out. Recommend booking...
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    2010 laser masters worlds entry timelines

    Does anyone know when entries for the 2010 masters worlds open? Want to make sure I don't miss the mad scramble to be one of the first 100 to get their entry in at 5am on the day entries open!
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    UK laser masters nationals 2010

    Anyone know where and when they are next year?
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    Where I can buy Laser parts in New York City ?

    Hi, I live in manhattan and I order all my spares from annapolis performance sailing. If you order on a sunday their regular ground shipping arrives on a tuesday in manhattan....are you going to join us all at cedar point frostbiting starting oct 11th?
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    Anyone know where next years atlantic coasts will be held (and when)??

    I started this post to try and find out where the 2010 ACC's are as I'm starting to plan my schedule for next year. I don't see why we need to know now where the 2011 or 2012 ACC's are now, a years from now will be fine. Its interesting to know where major events like the worlds (and nationals)...