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    Loose stem fitting repair

    After sailing yesterday I noticed that 2 of the 4 screws holding down the stem fitting on my mod 3 were loose/stripped. I'm not sure if these screws are anchored or bolted under the deck or if they're just screwed into the deck. Any advice on repairing this would be helpful. I've done similar...
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    Almost lost my boom block

    I noticed after sailing today that the screws holding the eye strap of the boom block were stripped. Recommendations on a fix? 1) Larger screws 2) Move the eye strap a bit fore or aft 3) Boom bail to replace eye strap 4) Take the opportunity to re-rig in a more efficient/effective way Your...
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    Tiller connection to rudder head?

    My tiller is attached as the OP stated, "My tiller slides through the rudder head, and it is only stopped from sliding out by a small screw at the butt end of the tiller". I find that I rarely shorten it more than a few inches which keeps the large part of the tiller within the rudder head...
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    Tiller connection to rudder head?

    I like the fact that my tiller can slide through the rudder head. It allows me to "shorten" the tiller if I need to
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    Demasted in 24 kt Winds

    I must agree, controlling the jibe is essential
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    Transporting and Storing

    I found this mast caddy from Midwest Sailing for 36.00 plus shipping. It was on there overstock page, which is hard to find so here is the link: There was no pic, so I called them and they described exactly what I used to have on my Holder 14...
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    Catalina 14.2 pricing

    thanks. I found the tuning guide and I'll search the owners manual
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    Catalina 14.2 pricing

    Thanks guys. I am excited (just as we end sailing season here in upstate NY). I am excited to get to work making her safe and sailable. Perhaps we'll have a nice Indian Summer to get her out in. Anyone know where I might be able to get an owner's manual? Like to keep them around for reference...
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    Catalina 14.2 pricing

    Just sealed the deal on a '98 Mod 3, 14.2. Pretty good condition, needs new standing rigging and a few things here and there (probably about $250 worth). Comes with both a trailer and a Seitech Beach Dolly. Paid 1750. Very excited Also a brand new member here. I appreciate the forum and all...