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    Sunfish mast, sail, daggerboard and rudder

    Noel , hwo much do you want for the whole rudder and tiller assembly? contact mike at 781-985-1458 cell
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    1960's Sunfish and 1980's Minifish

    Hey, what do you want for the sunfish parts everthing but the hull? mike
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    Sunfish Stuff

    Hi , i could use a rideer and tiller assembly have the old style and a new style could use both one for each boat that i have send me a pic of what you have i could use a fiberglass dagger race style as well. to mike crisafulli weymouth ma.
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    Sunfish Parts

    surferboy I need some rudder hardware mainly the gudgens on the ruder and the plate that hooks to them and a tiller shanks and bolt hardware let me know what you have and how much thanks Mike