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    Laser Forum FAQ - Database of Information etc.

    ok, I'll try and take it easy, but I will not apologize to the Rev Al Sharpton! There's no need to apologize to the Rev. Al Sharpton, but now you owe me an apology for saying that (as the writer of a book about Africa), and let's go ahead and get an apology to the readers of TLF for the original...
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    Laser Forum FAQ - Database of Information etc.

    Hi Colin To get back to your original proposal it is simply superb by virtue of it being simple. I don't have the expertise to really help but commend you on behalf of one of those who would benefit from your idea. As an ignoramus-does Al Sharpton sail a laser, or have I not followed this thread...
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    Pink Boat For Merrily!

    hi i want my contact to count towards the pink boat. I live in the uk and my participation in the event is hampered but my sentiments are not. Think of the SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP between our two countries!!! I know that as you must be a warm hearted American by virtue of your proposal. A happy...