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    Crew Available for Midwinters 2016

    I'm available to crew midwinters: Mike Quaid, owner, USA 49 Ice Cube (based on Lake Champlain, VT). Have raced my boat and crewed all over US, done Worlds in Argentina and Rochester, Tampa midwinters +/- 15 times. 185 pounds, competent at any position. I will be in Florida next week and have...
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    Wanted: Old Style Slide Hatch for Cabin Top

    Do you still have them available? I'd take them. USA 49 Ice Cube. Do you still have the hatch covers? I'd take them. USA 49 Ice Cube
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    Parting out '78 J24

    Does this boat have the old-style two-piece hatch cover? I would be interested in that. At least the forward piece.
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    Crew wanted for Oneida Lake J24 Regatta 6/23 & 6/24

    I'm taking "Ice Cube" over to Oneida Lake, NY this weekend and still need two people for either bow or middle of the boat. Camping at the marina. We will be competitive in this fleet, and always have a good time out on the water. If you're interested, contact me ASAP. Michael Quaid...