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    SOLD at ASKING PRICE 1997 Laser Full/Radial Rig Sailboat w dolly & cover Trailer available

    we'd be interested in the boat (both standard and radial rigs) but would like to know a little more about its history. Lots of racing? How old are the sails? Major damages? anything that had to be overhauled? Let us know, thx Mike P
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    2000 Laser with Dolly for Sale, Hull, Spars, Blades -Excellent, Practice Sail

    We'd be interested in purchasing the boat. Would it be possible to post a few images so we could see what the boat and its parts look like? Can also contact us via email directly : Mike
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    Laser radial (161927) for sale

    Dear Krissy We would be interested in your Laser Radial. Would it be possible for you to send along some images of hull, rudder, daggerboard, sail, ... so we can have a preview of the items? While living in the Philadelphia area I work in New York and possibly even drop by to take a look. Let...