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    Bought a new sail while visiting the U.S. last March.

    Bought a new sail while visiting the U.S. last March.
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    Replacing self bailer

    Thanks for idea/s. I did fix it. I bought two 1-1/4" stainless washers, one 1" S.S. Dome head bolt, one S.S lock nut and one smaller washer. Managed to get the baler assy out, cleaned up the hole, installed the washers, bolt and nut and siliconed the crap out of all. Works excellent, no leaks or...
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    Replacing self bailer

    Here's a question for the experts on Sunfishis: My self baler, which I have never had to use, on my 1974 'ish boat has finally corroded so much that the 1-1/4" nut that holds it in place fell apart. The baler is still staying where it should be but it could fall into the sea. I see a water spout...
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    Sunfish "auto Pilot"?

    I did the same. A small jam cleat each side of the cockpit verticle sides. Works brilliantly.
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    Sunfish "auto Pilot"?

    I found a neat and cheap way of keeping my Sunfish going fairly straight without touching the tiller. Velcro.......The self adhesive type. Stick an eight inch strip of hook to the hull where the end of the tiller touches the hull. Center it with the tiller centered on the deck. Take a three inch...
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    Daggerboard Vibration

    Hi Craig. I have the same problem with a dagger board I made. It appears that the leading edge is too much of an angle and is acting like a reed in a wind instrument. The other possibility is that it is too sloppy in the hull or the spring is missing. Maybe a small wedge would help.
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    Custom Daggerboard

    Hi SeanFish. The dagger board is made from a jointed pine board and 36" long, 9 1/2" wide and 3/4" thick. The top stops are from a piece of 1" x 1" and angles at the ends. Attached with 2 - 1 3/4" Stailess screws. Four coats of yacht varnish. Two small problems which can be easily overcome and I...
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    Custom Daggerboard

    I left my dagger board on the ramp two weeks ago and someone stole it. However, I made a new one out of a pine wood board, gave it several coats of yaght varnish and it performs really well. It may not last more than a year but for 20.00 euros or about $30.00 I am not complaining. Better than...
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    Has Anyone Ever Seen A Sunfish In The United Kingdom?

    I believe I now own the only Sunfish in Malta. I saw the hull at a boat storage area and tried for one year to find the owner. I finally tracked him down and bought the boat. 200 euros. I did have to re-make the dolly which I converted to a road trailer and off I went sailing in the Med. I have...