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    Who is the Laser Sailor in today's News?

    Reuters photo of The Endevour on Botany Bay with Laser in the foreground. 167041?
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    Ian Bruce

    Nice tribute to Ian Bruce and summary of the creation of the Laser in Sailing World this month's editorial column by Bruce Kirby.
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    Laser Cunningham Max Legal Purchase

    You must sail in heavier breeze than I do on inland lakes. I often lead it through less blocks so it will release easier.
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    Traveler fairlead

    My original equipment aluminum fairleads are starting to lose paint after 8 years of light to moderate winds on small lakes. Is it time to: a. get new fairleads to go with the my new sail b. get over the paint loss c. get a new Laser ?
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    Is the new sail designed to use the same amount of vang the current sail?
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    2015 North American Championship

    I was surprised to not see more District 11 and District 12 sailors. Any explanations? Are these events only intended for the super elites or was it the venue/expected conditions or expense or what?
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    Pool Noodle Mark

    I've been using the Pool Noodle Mark idea for a few years. On inland lakes, you can even go cheaper by also using links of chain for the anchor as well as the counterbalance.
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    Possible reason why another class has been successful

    First Time Buyer's Guide.....5th paragraph
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    Possible reason why another class has been successful

    From the Lightning Class website: What is perhaps unusual in the boat is that the designers, Sparkman and Stevens, gave the Class association not only rights, but ownership of the design and the name. All royalties for many of the boat’s components, including the hull, mast, and sails go to...
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    Membership Renewal

    Just got my renewal in the mail. I wish there was a box to check for: Release the new sail and settle up with Bruce and then get back to me.
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    I have a lightly used 7 year old Laser which now gets a couple teaspoons worth of water in it after sailing for a few hours. Its always been bone dry previously. Where are the most suspect areas to look for a leak.
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    Force 5

    New fleet in NC looking for more Force 5's to continue building fleet.
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    New PVC Dolly!

    What diameter is the PVC?
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    I case you wondered if the speed of Laser sailors was noticed, warnings are now posted

    We may need to mandate eye protection.
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    Soft bottom

    My bottom was delivered in 1957 and it is a little soft as well. I'd think the cost of time and money would be better spent on a different hull. I've done this on a Sunfish by installing a port in the aft end of the cockpit and putting fiberglass supports in spots between the hull and the...