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    Sailing in Charleston, SC

    You may not want to drive this far but if you don't find anything in Charleston, I have family in Beaufort and I could tell you a few sites there.
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    Rudder, Daggerboard, 2 practice sails

    Do you mean fiberglass/gel has been patched? I see skuff marks in the photo but hard to tell.
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    Rudder, Daggerboard, 2 practice sails

    What will you take for the daggerboard? This is for a 1980 Laser. I'm considering a new one from Intensity Sails for $180. What is estimated shipping to Indiana?
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    What about the rudder foil? See this picture of a Laser kit...
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    1999 Laser Radial for sale in Midwest- $2200

    Probably not since it's been over two years.
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    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    This is a great thread... learning a lot!
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    Just read the whole ad....

    That is a great description. Let me see, sales & marketing or a creative writing professor?
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    Were they talking about the English Channel? That's over a mile deep!
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    Reading this wikipedia artcile, it doesn't seem it's possible to do this for boats with less than 2 sails? Tequila was always more likely to cause me to heave than vodka.
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    60th Anniversary Sunfish sail

    Nice design... whimsical. I scene one might see underwater when turtled! Perhaps that's why no lifejackets? ... they're so serious afterall.
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    What to wear for winter sailing?

    Am I the only one that thinks that this is a somewhat strange thread?
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    cleaning the hull

    Search is your friend:
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    Ronstan Tiller Extension ("Battlestick") - 33"

    I just measured my tiller extensions. The Ash is 24" long, the aluminum 32". Why would all of Intensity's offerings be in the 48" ballpark? Is there a real advantage to 48" long or does it just get in the way?
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    '95 Sunfish for sale- Carlyle, IL

    I think he sold it.