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    Second hand laser radial wanted

    Hi, I am looking for a second hand laser radial. However, I am located in Asia. It seems most of the advert sales are outside of Asia. :( Just posting here to see if there is any luck. :) cheers.
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    mainsheet caught on back corner of boat during jibes

    Hi there, I am a radial sailor. I used to have this 'mainsheet get caught on transom edge' even till today. But I have managed to minimize the frequency by grabbing the mainsheet portion that runs from the middle of boom and give is a light flick wheneven I do a gybe. However, if the wind is...
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    My Drawings :)

    Hi there, I feel that it is a very simple and nice drawing that illustrates sailing. Is that a sun at the top right corner? Well done. cheers
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    Stair climbing good hiking prep?

    Hi Suthera, I climb stairs too and personally I feel that it will help in the areas of endurance and stamina. It definitely helps on hiking especially in long upwind leg in term of these 2 areas. Hiking still needs support from our other muscle groups. I took part in a 10km run last December...
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    Passenger load for Laser Radial

    Hi all, Thanks for all your help and encouragement. I have sailed with my friend on my radial last Sunday in average 10 knots of wind. It was really fun except the boat is kinda cramp. We tried both gybing and tacking and it was super fun except I got a 'seal' from the boom on my head when I...
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    Passenger load for Laser Radial

    I have never heard of 2 laser sailors racing in same laser boat. This is new to know.. :D
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    Laser Standard vs Radial

    Hi there, antoineg. I have a very good idea for you. You just need to reef your standard sail if you find you need a smaller sail area in stronger wind. Reef as in wrap the sail one or two times around the mast. I believe you still can enjoy sailing as much. There is no need to change any part...
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    Passenger load for Laser Radial

    BTW, I just remember something and I want to share it with you all. My friend once showed me a sticker on her laser hull when she first bought her second handed boat. That was last year. She has a radial rig. That sticker comes with the boat and it states 3 pax. And we are interpreting that...
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    Passenger load for Laser Radial

    Hey all, thank you very much for your comments.. I feel more assured now.. :)
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    What else do you sail?

    Hi Jim, I am sailing a laser radial now. I don't own a cruiser and not really want to get a cruiser as of now. The other boat that I relax on is Laser Pico. I sail it with my friend and it is fun sailing together. We tried roll gybe in stronger wind the other time and it was fun. Real fun in...
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    Passenger load for Laser Radial

    Hi all, I have laser radial and I am 52kg. I am thinking about taking my friend out for a ride in my radial and he is about 80kg. Can my radial takes this combined weight of 52 + 80 kg = 132 kg???? :confused: Will this sudden 'tonnes' overload my radial and affect its buoyancy when I sail...
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    new to lasers, mainsheet catching on transom

    Re: new to lasers need help please Hi Jackson, Welcome to single handled sailing! I used to face a similar problem like yours. If your mainsheet is sheeted in enough during closed haul or closed reach point of sail, I believe there should be no problem getting to a new tack. Your mainsheet...
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    Effect of Current

    Hi there, Just to share abit. I did notice that the current is not always in same direction in all part of the water area. You may see anchored ships from far pointing from right to left but the exact area you race in to the windward mark may have current flowing from left to right. It could...
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    Laser's in 40kts in the 1970's!!!

    Wow... it is rare to have such a video clip
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    4.7 division and light sailors

    Hello rerun, I am around 50kg.. and I have always been wishing for 4.7 to get popular in my country... unfortunately this is not likely to happen. I am sailing a radial at the moment with of course I am easily overpowered.. But my point is you still can enjoy sailing in your 55kg in a radial...