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    Looking for safety tips for sailing all alone

    I just skimmed thorough and don't know if it has been mentioned, but you can get a waterproof phone pouch with a lanyard on amazon for pretty cheap. you can even use the touch screen through the pouch!
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    Maybe this will be my Sunfish

    $440 dollars is still a steal, at least where I am in NC, especially with a trailer!
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    Sunfish dock lift

    We have an old hand crank jetski lift attached to our dock which is what I use during the summer. Not sure how well those would work on a floating doc or even how much they run for. Ours came with the dock and it is loud as heck.
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    Medford, MA? How big is your vehicle? I car-top my sunfish on my 2005 Subaru Outback, which is not a very big vehicle. That might be a doable option as long as you don't mind driving a little slower and checking the top of your car every once in a while.
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    back in the cockpit again

    Wow everyone thanks for the great responses. I just bought the boat so I'm not sure when I'll need the new sail, but I might as well start looking to stock up on an extra one. I have a slightly used red, white, and blue Sunfish sail that will certanily work for it's job, but it will clash a...
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    back in the cockpit again

    I wish there were more official sails that looked good with my yellow sunfish from '72. It's a nice color, but it is just so dated.
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    Another day sailing, another major repair.....

    FWIW, I have actually used Flex Tape for various things and have had nothing but positive results. Never tried using it on a boat, but I would not be surprised at all if it would would fix a dinghy with a small hole or crack in it, at least temporarily.
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    New member looking for some advice on a project Sailfish

    That is what I was thinking. Do they go all the way through?
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    New Project Questions

    Uh oh! I knew Dollar General was not a buck for everything, but how long has Dollar Tree been that way?
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    World’s ugliest Sunfish sail?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! Besides, I could only see myself rockin this sail in non-serious sailing situations anyway, like sailing around for fun. Never in a race or any other type of event (unless I knew I was going to win, of course ;)).
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    World’s ugliest Sunfish sail?

    Oh, I'm not saying that I'd love that particular sail in the shape it's in, but I really wouldn't mind sailing with a brand new version of it. It would be a head turner for sure.
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    World’s ugliest Sunfish sail?

    Yeah, I would't call that ugly. I would love to be sailing around with something like that.
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    Original Sailfish Sail

    "Nice job making it through the obstacle course, now all you have to do is turn your boat sideways to finish."