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    Double staking Lasers on Kitty Hawk Trailer

    You can save a bunch of time with the APS package. Especially if you are considering putting holes in the wood for the spars. (it already has them) If you are making your own, remember that the laser does NOT have a flat deck. You need to shape the wood at about a 5-10 degree angle. You...
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    Double staking Lasers on Kitty Hawk Trailer

    I've written a few of these threads in the past. (especially after destroying the bottom laser on my kitty hawk trailer a few years back) :eek: The APS "double trailer rack" is the best way to go. For $80? it is a great deal and is custom cut to the shape of the laser hull. Especially if...
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    Laser sailing in Charleston SC

    My wife and I raced lasers in Charleston last year. There is a beautiful yacht club in the middle of the city where they give historic tours. I seem to remember is was called Carolina Yacht Club or something like that. They had a TON of dinghies (many different classes). Was so nice, I...
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    Laser sailing in Baltimore

    Says you're from Toronto? I'm from D.C. but am organizing a laser regatta in western MD. August 6-7th. If you have boat come join us. Info is posted on I'm not sure about the laser sailing in B-more, but Annapolis is only 35 minutes south of you and is generally known...
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    what boats do you sail

    My wife and I each have a laser and I bought an international-14 a few years back with a friend of mine. To those of you who have sailed 505's, how are they? I am definitely considering dropping the I-14 for a 505. Noone will ever sail it with me cuz it's broken 50% of the time, upside down...
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    Laser: Cartop on Volvo Wagon?

    My ex-gf put her boat on her volvo. I was planning on buying a volvo for the purposes of cartopping my laser. With a good roof rack you can put just about ANYTHING on a volvo. Incidentally, we put our laser on a 2 door hyudai accent with a roof rack. Looked kinda funny (like a turtle) but...
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    Storing your Laser between uses

    Yeah, and if you lean it up against a tree you might not need a tarp. I stored my old boat #9351 on tires during the summer next to the water (so I could push it into the lake) and on its side during the winter. That worked for nearly 30 years. It was still competitive at the district...
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    Yeah, I have Allstate for my International-14. I was considering it for my laser though as it is quickly becoming more valuable than the I-14. (darn development classes) I pay $165/yr for a $10k policy on my I-14. I should consider adding it to my homeowners policy though... Good idea!
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    Trailer Trailex or Kitty Hawk

    If you don't mind, how much did you pay for this setup? I looked at the trailex site and most of the double trailers were pretty pricey!
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    Trailer Trailex or Kitty Hawk

    You should be fine on submerging trailers as long as the lights are disconnected (which is pretty much always) and they are dry when you connect them again. Bearings are another issue, but regular maintenance should take care of that.
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    Laser top speed??

    Neat article! However, unless I am reading it incorrectly, 19.7kts was his top speed during the crossing. His time of 13 hrs was the record, not his top speed. Though 20kts is crazy fast. I'm exhausted after a few hours of racing, no way I could keep it up for 13+ hrs. -C
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    Laser top speed??

    Fastest clocked for me so far was 15mph in a small gust racing my family's ski boat (though I know I've gone faster). And I've at LEAST doubled that in my sailboard. My friend and I bought an international-14 but we can't keep it upright long enough to get moving very fast.
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    Trailer Trailex or Kitty Hawk

    Man! What an engineer. That's nice work. Do you travel with the boat resting on the gunnels or on the seitech's fabric? Does anyone have any pics of an A-frame trailer? I heard that a lot of people are modifying old bunk trailers into A-frames to carry multiple boats. I need to carry at...
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    Trailer Trailex or Kitty Hawk

    I too was wrestling with the idea of submerging my trailor (I have a Kitty Hawk) when launching. Since the Kitty Hawk has a swivel-bow, I just enter the water bow first and submerge the tongue of the trailer. I can then just lift the back of the boat and walk it into the water. Fully rigged...
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    Double combi trailer for sale

    Judding by your sig you are not in the states :rolleyes: I'd be curious for a pic though as I have wondered what the best way to build a double-trailer would be... Thanks