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    Sunfish Seitech Dolly for Sale

    Sietech Dolly for a Sunfish for sale. Excellent condition. $350
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    Question on Hiking Strap

    Should be an easy quesiton for some of you. I am considering adding a hiking strap to a 78 fish and want to know if the lip by the cubby is solid or hollow where you would drill the holes for the rear attachment. I have just spent considerable time getting my boat water tight and I do not want...
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    Fixing foam block

    OK, Looking for some guidance. I have removed all of the old foam that was holding my blocks in place and now getting ready to re-attach them. I think I want to go with the two part pourable expansion foam. Does anyone know approx, how much is needed. I have seen it on a few web sites, but...
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    Replacing the Sunfish deck

    OK, I have a question for you pros out there. I have a sunfish with a badly damage deck and have thought about replacing it with wood. I have seen other one design boats that have taken glass boats and retrofit them with a wood deck. Snipes and Interlakes for starters. My thought would be to...
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    Fixing foam block

    While I think the 2 part is probably the best, I am still looking for an easier method. I recently found a product called Marine Evercoat Sealant Foam, by Evercoat, which they advertise as waterproof. I called the company to inquire about the density and the Tech I spoke with did not know...
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    Fixing foam block

    Thanks for the responses. The last question I have is, has anyone tried to spray the two part foam in between the blocks and the hull? I am not sure how this could be done, but would think that a wand of some sort with an airless sprayer would be ideal and less mess. Any thoughts?
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    Fixing foam block

    I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to fix a loose foam block from the bottom of the boat? I have read how to fix them, but was thinking about drilling holes in the hull itself, using the foam can spray to adhear the foam to the hull and then reglassing the hull. I realize that you never...
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    New Sunfish Sail for sale

    New 2007 Neil Pryde Sunfish Sail, never used. This sail was put on the spars but never sailed as the boat was then sold. Includes window. $150 plus shipping. Call or e-mail Mike Delaney, 216-272-8725
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    rolled deck sunfish

    I am looking for a rolled deck sunfish. Prefer a plastic centerboard, but will consider without. I am locaated in cleveland and willing to travel a few hours. Please email or call- 216-272-8725
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    Race Sail

    I am looking for a good used race sail. Anyone interested in selling one, please contact me. Thanks, Mike
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    Wood rudder blade

    I am looking for a used wood rudder blade. It does not need to be perfect, but no cracks please. Please e-mail at or call 216-272-8725 Thanks, Mike
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    Wood for centerboard

    I would like to build a new centerboard for my fish and am wondering if Oak will be as strong as mahogany? I realize that you need to buy a class legal board for racing, but this will not be for racing. Any woodworkers that can share some insight??
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    Boom block locations

    Can someone share what the best positions are for the 2 boom main sheet blocks are?
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    Sunfish wanted Cleveland Ohio

    Looking for a newer sunfish near Cleveland Ohio. Willing to travel a little for the right boat. Please e-mail if you have a fish you want to send to a good home.
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    Looking for a race sunfish

    I am looking for a newer style sunfish (rolled edges). Prefer one with a race sail and dagger board, but will consider anythign close. Please e-mail.