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    Capri parts for sale

    Do you have any photos. I'm interested in the tiller and rudder.
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    Rudder Pintal

    Are the fastners holding the rudder pintal screws or bolts? How long are they? If anyone has any photos of how it is attached I would appreciate seeing them.
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    Rear hiking strap - how does it attach?

    Rear Hiking Strap Bracket My Capri did not have the third bracket on the post for the aft strap.
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    Rear hiking strap - how does it attach?

    I had to replace my rear hiking strap. I disassembled the post. You may need to do that to hold the screws in place while removing the nuts. Another interesting item is how to put the holes in the strap to pass the screws through. I used the old piece of the strap for a pattern, and used a...
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    Stern Mast Crutch

    I used a large piece of styrofoam from a computer packing box. I carved the bottom to fit snug around the transom, then lay the mast across the styrofoam and tie to rudder mount with bungee cord. Works good.
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    Bowed Mast

    I have a Capri 14.2 (S/N 1461). I've had it for about 10 years, but have not sailed it very much since moving from the coast. I was getting it ready for sailing this summer and noticed the mast has a bow. It starts about the spreaders. It's can be seen in the photo's attached. Is this a...