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    The great Compass debate

    Great feedback. I would like to see the mount as well. From what I have seen there are just not that many choices with the pre fabricated mounts. It is either the layline type ($42.95) or the APS Spider ($34.95), both of which look like they are directly in front of the vang control and would...
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    The great Compass debate

    Alan Thanks. I like the tactical as it is straightforward (read less complicated than the others). Good info on not depending on it too much, I guess there is a balance on when to use it and I want to have that figured out before the Master Worlds in Nova Scotia. I didn't know how much...
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    The great Compass debate

    Ok. Sailing in open water recently has left me of the opinion that a compass would be a useful tool for starting and upwind performance. I went to look at the pictures of the 2008 worlds and was surprised to see that there were quite a few of the top sailors that did not have one at all. So this...
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    Seitech Laser® Dolly with fat wheels

    Brand new with normal wheels is $389 on Brand new with fat wheels (if you need them) is $449. Granted the fat wheels advertised on layline are NOT the 19inch wheels mentioned in this sale. Unless you are dragging your boat on the beach, there is no need for the FAT fat wheels...
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    How to get money sailing

    I like your enthusiasm. If you want to keep sailing and make a living from it, first understand that you will likely be scraping by. That is ok, because if it is something you love to do, the trade off is worth it. First, go to a good sailing college and make sure you also excel in your...
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    Florida Masters Regatta's Results

    Found the Florida Master's Championship results at But do not see any provisional results for the Mid Week Madness at Is anyone doing a blog or is there any other site that is giving results?
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    What to wear under hiking pants -- cool day.

    I would think you would want short pants under the SEA 3/4, has anyone looked at the under armor or equivilant that would work? If it is warm out, would commando under the hikers a recipe for chaffing and later pain, or should I look for a NON thermal lined bike short? I just bought a pair of...
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    Ha! Only if I finish in the top of the fleet. I actually saw them preform it live in Madison Square Garden in their "One For The Road" tour. Little known track #21 if you made it to the end of the album. Uncle Ray always did like me best ;-)) Maybe he was singing about David Watt, hope to meet...
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    This Certainly is a Silly Thread

    I've got a little red pencil box
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    For reference, I am just back into the laser fleet last year. I have not traveled anywhere past my local waters yet and am not up to date on the class politics or all of the players and top sailors in the class. I sailed intercollegiate at ODU in lasers in the late eighties and had some great...
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    How about a series of qualifying regatta's ? East Coast, West Coast etc. After all, aren't we supposed to encourage more laser sailing. If you make it known beforehand, and have a number of quallifying places available and 4 or 5 different regatta's at different venue's there can be no griping...
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    Update. It looks like everyone who entered has a solid chance of making it past the cut now that the entry limit is 400. With the sailors who have already declined, there are 438 applications for 400 spots. There are currently 156 spots offered who have not entered and have until 12/26 to make...
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    mainsheet catching on boom gybing

    It started happening to me this year as well, but only in breezes over 8 knots. I found that if I stopped popping the mainsheet on the crossover, but merely "brushed" it at the boom block, it stopped. I have to agree with Matt as well, do a bunch of jibes and you will find your own style.
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    Updated rankings now out. Master's site at the ILCA website
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    Holt Allen Vang and Harken Cunningham

    Still available at same price ?