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    Laser Sailing Days Over

    I had a total knee replacement and found the sitting position in the Laser - with my height (6'3) to be too much on my knee. So I quit sailing last year and moved on to bigger boats. But the thrill of sailing was gone. Everytime is blowing and cruel out - I longed to be on the lake sailing...
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    Off Season Fitness

    Re: Off Season Fitness - growing old rots Last summer was my first time back on the water in 20+ years; I crewed on Scows and messed around with my own Laser. Im 46 and was 230 lbs. This winter Im trying to get down to 215 lbs by doing group Pilates three days a week and group cardio...
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    Advice for really HEAVY winds -what a blast

    I've been sailing the Laser for less than three months now -so just about everything is new .. and still exciting for me. Yesterday was the harshest wind I've been in yet. The sailboarder dudes said it was a steady 30kts with one gust at 44. I managed not to die, managed not to capsize...
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    Bonking my head & safety helmets

    In heavier winds (20kts+) the boom keeps on bonking my head when comming about. Im fine with gybes though. I dont know why it's happening more now .. than earlier this season. Something I've got to figure out. .... anyhow ... does anyone wear safety helmets when Lasering? Perhaps a...
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    First Race Experience

    I'm also a newbie. I thought I was a good sailor -until I got the Laser. My balance sucks, Ive got lines all over the place, Im getting bonked in the head all the time etc etc etc. All I can do is think about sailing the Laser. Ive been crewing on scows and Flying Scots this summer ...
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    Wanted: used Laser in WI, northern IL

    Looking for used Laser in central to southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois