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    Essay on Sailing

    Beg/Borrow a heart rate monitor and check to see how various hiking style affect your heart rate. A hiking bench would make it easier. You could do something like : Straight leg- 5 mins Straight leg - 10 mins Toes Only - 5 minutes Toes Only - 10 minutes. etc... Then you could also add how...
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    Basic Education - Clew Tie Down Length

    Under what conditions would you tie the the clew tie down as close to the end of the boom: Always - this maximises the efficiency of the vang as well as gets your sail in a tight as possible when blck to block (meaning the two end blocks are touching one and other) Under what conditions...
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    2005 Laser Pro Rig

    Could you send pictures to I am just down the road in Portsmouth. Thanks Matt
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    How to Carry Dolly with a Kitty Hawk Trailer?

    Never thought of that approach - had always assumed that the strap would be too long and it would hang down to far on either side of the Bow. I will give this one a shot - sounds promising. Thanks matt
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    How to Carry Dolly with a Kitty Hawk Trailer?

    Quite agree - I could do that - but trying to keep the rigging time to a minimum - so for me, this is last resort. Thanks Matt
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    How to Carry Dolly with a Kitty Hawk Trailer?

    Thank you for all your helpful hints. I will give all of them a shot this weekend and see what works for me and post back with my tales of adventure. Thanks again. Matt
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    How to Carry Dolly with a Kitty Hawk Trailer?

    Nate, Thanks for your suggestion. I have been plying around with this configuration, but I kepp running into the issue that the Dolly is the same width as the boat at that point Or do you slide it back a bit? I suppose I could add some Eye Bolts to the Trailer, but as you suggest, it is...
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    How to Carry Dolly with a Kitty Hawk Trailer?

    Hello, I just got a Kitty Hawk trailer and it is great. I know that i can use it as a dolly to lauch with, but I would prefer to keep it out of the Salt water, and the tires are not great on sand (they are narrow and sink in easily) So - after searching the site, I was not able to find...
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    2009 Masters Worlds

    Have to agree on St Margarets Bay. It has much better wind than Halifax - it is much more open but the course is usually not too far from the launch. Should have some good swells there as well. People there are some of the friendliest I have ever met - although I am a bit biased ;-) So, how...
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    2009 Masters Worlds

    Hi Rob, I have not lived there for quite some time. But I did coach and sail there for about 18 years. As I recall, Mid August until mid Sept can be a bit iffy. Most regattas (when I was there) were held in early July - ARK comes to mind. But the summer months from about July to end of August...
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    2009 Masters Worlds

    Hey, I am from Halifax - any news on what club/venue it would be run from? Hopefully RNSYS or BBYC. Both a very short sail to the harbour (RNSYS) or the Basin (BBYC). Will be interesting to hear where it is being held. Wind can be an issue in August there as well. Can be very shifty and...
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    Ross Bennett's Olympic Dream

    Re: Ross Bennett's Olympic Path Ross, Although you and I have not always seen eye to eye on a lot of things, don't take peoples' comments as anything other than cowardly attempts to make themselves feel bigger by slamming others. Good luck with your campaign! Having said that, I do think...
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    How do you pay for your laser, and gear?

    I dress up in a Girl Guide uniform and sell cookies in the spring. In the winter, I stand outside the shopping center and ring a bell. Seems to work.
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    TLF Terms of Service

    Nice - Gentlemen - Nice! Before anyone even tries to figure out what was changed, we're all over Merrily like flies on sh&t. Call out the ACLU, call the 1st ammendment lawyers, she is changing content! Let's not ask the obvious question, what was changed! Even the person that started the...
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    What Happened to Ross B

    SailChris - If the LF bans people, I have nothing to do with it. Am I all that sorry - no, not really. Did my comments have anything to do with it, don't know - merrily says not. To respond to your post: I too don't agree with the right not to be offended - I was, and I said so -what's...