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    Collegiate sailing programs switch to L2?

    something like 75 percent of college sailing is in FJs
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    Sailing on TV this month -- ESPN

    I saw clips of it the other day, it was awesome. They have cameras and microphones on the competitors boats.
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    trim your mainsheet block to block and pull out the slack of the vang. then let the sail out so there is around 8 inches between the mainsheet and travelor blocks. also, as stated before, sit a little farther forward.
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    South american Laser builder south american bulider is Primex SA
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    Heeling the boat to windward?

    I just realized that I was pretty harsh and generalized things the other day but the above quote is uncalled for and ignorant.
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    Heeling the boat to windward?

    heeling the boat downwind is fast until planing conditions. IN under five knots, you have to let your sail out past 90 degrees regardless of whether your are sailing by the lee to prevent the booom from falling.
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    2004 Easter Laser regatta

    Austin is a great place to sail in the spring and fall.
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    Heeling the boat to windward?

    wrong, it feels and seems fast, but its not. FLAT IS FAST upwind
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    Upwind sailing advice?

    Yeah, in over 25 knots I try to put a little more vang on when I gybe (I do this because I am more confident in my gybes with more vang even though it migth be slightly slower), but in under 20 I think it would be more of a problem. I think I pull the vang on until it is perpendicular with the...
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    Upwind sailing advice?

    Well whatever you do, "traveller a little loose" in those conditions is a bad idea. Get it tight.
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    Upwind sailing advice?

    I would go with no cunningham or vang, as tight as you can get the traveler, a pretty tight hiking strap, and the outhaul as deap as a handwith. If you have any trouble with that then pull on the cunnigham. If you continue to have trouble, pull the cunningham down to the boom and pinch. I...
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    US National Sailing Team

    I would like to point out that while making the sailing team is an accomplishment, I made it in an off year. "sailing history, training and fitness regimen, and the like? Anything to help us poor beginners along" I raced optis, laser radials, and bytes from age 11. I did not begin to...
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    Std. sail, Hyde or North?

    I definately have prejudices against NA manufacturers, and after thinking about it, my advice on the topic is biased.
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    Std. sail, Hyde or North?

    1. APS has almost everything 2. hyde is actually made for the european laser distributor - their sails cost more, but have more resin and last longer 3. - there are lots of good pictures of the new rigging; recently I took off a block on both...
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    Ideal weight for Radial

    140-160 lbs is quick, at the radial NAs in Corpus Christi in 03, i think four guys in the top ten were over 160 and 3 were 165 or more. But at the radail open world in AUS, Michael Blackburn won in both lgiht and windy conditionsand he must have been well over 165 lbs. I think it makes...