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    Charter Fee for Laser Worlds

    Can someone please explain why charter fees for Laser worlds are going nuts? Terrigal 2008 - 300 GBP Brisbane 2012 - 495 AUD Muscat 2013 - 575 GBP Hyeres - ? Kingston 2015 - 1500 USD (1250 hull and spars + 250 foils)
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    2012 Laser Masters Worlds

    I asked ILCA regarding notice of race, place allocation two weeks ago: Dates unlikely to change (9th until 17th March) Country allocation this week Application should open on 1st December Anyway late for organizing everything because confirmation of place will be in January I assume but at...
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    Deck cleat screw holes

    Use epoxy with some microballons to thickened it.....
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    Boom Rivets and Transom Drain Plug

    Hi, I had the same problem. Bigger rivets (4.8 is too small and 6.4 too big) do not solve the problem but bolts and nuts (M5) do the job. You have to loosen the outhaul eye and the gooseneck plug - normally you will need a new outhaul eye. Good luck, Matt
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    New Foils

    Any update on that?
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    Laser Master Worlds 2011

    Hi All, Laser Master worlds 2009, 2010 are defined. I wonder if we have the Master worlds 2011 in Perth after the ISAF worlds or on another continent. Any news about the venue 2011, yet?
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    Annual Meeting and YOU

    What about composite top sections. Anything new from the builders forum@NA's? Thanks, Matt
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    Moving to Kiel, Germany - NEED a laser!

    Just ask sailcoach for a boat. They are travelling on the circus in europe from one event to the next one. Good Luck......
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    Rumours on Master Worlds 2007

    Hello All, what about rumours on the Master Worlds 2007? I know, ILCA will announce the venue in the middle of December...... I heard about the following venues: Gandia, Spain near Valencia Hyeres, South of France Weymouth, South England Any more?
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    Masters Europeans and Worlds 2007

    Europeans @ Lake Neusiedel in Austria near Vienna
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    Master Worlds 2006 and later

    Hi, as of today each master class in Korea this year will have its own start at the worlds. Looking at the entry list makes me wonder if this is the right way to race. Entries: Standard Rig Alliance 10 RA Laser Radial Apprentice 3 SM Standard Rig Master 15 RM Laser...
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    Laser Masters Europeans Split/CRO 2006

    Hi Murph, I am talking about Masters europeans and Masters worlds. It is true all participants in the open worlds will take me as a buoy and sail circles around me :o
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    Laser Masters Europeans Split/CRO 2006

    Yes I found this information, but I hope they will post or already have posted a new date, because the worlds will start on the 23rd in korea. There is only one week between both events and is is almost impossible to take part in both regattas. Thanks for the answer, Matt
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    Laser Masters Europeans Split/CRO 2006

    Hello All, who knows the date of the Laser masters europeas in Split/Croatia next year? Thanks, Matt
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    2006 Worlds

    Hello, I found an information on the UK laser page that the master worlds will be held end of September 2006 (23.09 - 30.09) in Korea and not end of October. What about the master europeans in Split in the middle of September 2006. Does this date change, too?? Not extremly important but...