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    2010 Laser Performance Sunfish

    Did you mean GRP?? because the older ones are the FRP that you call foam frp stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic and grp for Glass Reinforced plastic After measuring both daggerboards side by side I noticed that the new GRP version is actually a thin slice smaller than both previous versions in...
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    Light Air Sail Height

    you don´t want to rig the sail higher because it reduces the ability to point deeper into the windand you'll end up sailing in reaches all the time
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    Worlds Sunfish

    I bought one of the boats from the last worlds in 2010 the boat is in prestine condition and the sail and the blades are also like new if you can buy it don't think too much the dolly is also perfect
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    Sunfishes for Sale

    I believe he still has 3 or 4 more boats
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    help aluminum port hole

    hahahaha, somebody please make a "like" application fot the forum
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    Gelcoat Repair Question

    there is no foam under the cockpit but there are some hard foam balls under the cochpit well so that it DOESN´T fllex but with the weight of the sailor the balls are pushed down and it eventually cracks the bottom in the same spots you can only live with it Matas J
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    hello from Maryland

    Re: hello fron Maryland after 20 or so years a sunfish that has been almost unused anywhere should be in good condition but with some polishing work to doto the hull and deck. if you dont mind doing that buy an older boat but if it is older than that it might need much more work to do (like...
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    Gelcoat Repair Question Sunfish KB & FAQ Matias J
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    $25 Sunfish-It's true! I'll Prove It!

    you sould try doing it and let us know how did it go, I don´t think the foam blocks will be a problem
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    Hull Care Presto?

    sounds like it could do the job, you could need to sand the deck or hull with 1200 sandpaper and water in circles to remove any stains or scratches before aplying that
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    recommendations for new boom blocks

    you can upgrade your blocks for harken bullit blocks maybe but they wont be class legal
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    recommendations for new boom blocks

    TAG, I believe he is actually talking about the blocks that are attached to the boom, not the ratchet block if that is the case, upgrades on boom blocks aren't race legal these are the links to the laser performance online store aft block...
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    1991 Sunfish Racing Sailboat Great Condition

    im just curious, did that white tiller come with the boat?
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    Bow Handle

    those are really hard to find but you can buy it new in this page
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    1966 Alcort Sunfish Original Wood Sailboat w/Moody Trailer

    are you claiming that this boat is faster than a brand new sunfish?