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    Sunfish Mast and Boom Set for Sale

    Yes. Please contact me directly at Unless you are located in the Chicago area, please consider the cost to ship parts before you contact me.
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    Gudgeon bracket for sunfish- need used or measurements to make it

    Hi Drew, If you're willing to pay for shipping and willing to wait until after the 15th, I'll be happy to send you the bracket taken off a 1973 Sunfish. Email me your address at
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    Turtle on Superior

    Can't help you with your question, but I have a Y bracket to support the mast during trailing for sale if you're interested. It came off my 1992 Capri which sails no longer. Email me directly at
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    Some basic questions

    The Capri is a great boat for families. I've had four adults and my daughter on board while sailing at the lake at Rock Cut State Park in Rockford. We didn't move as fast as we would have with only two adults, but we all had fun. I've never sailed at Busse Woods, but I hear it's fine for small...
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    Do you mean that little thing that looks like a screw? Yes, I have it. Email me directly at...

    Do you mean that little thing that looks like a screw? Yes, I have it. Email me directly at
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    Can U help with purchasing decision :)

    Oh, it wasn't a highly techical procedure, I can assure you! First, I visually inspected every inch of the joint. Then I ran my nail all around the deck joint to feel for a crack. Then, I took a playing card and tried to slip it through any crack I found. I'm not a project girl, and I stayed...
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    Can U help with purchasing decision :)

    One more addition to checking the bottom of the boat, be sure to check the hull deck joint. If it is separating, don't buy the boat! Again, easy and cheap seldom go together when talking about boat repairs!
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    Can U help with purchasing decision :)

    Where do you live that a good used boat advertised in Craigslist would still be for sale a couple of days later? I've had many experiences on Craigslist where I've been a day (or hour!) too late and the boat already sold! Here in Chicago a used Sunfish without a trailer goes for around $800 and...
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    Super Sunfish or Sunfish

    Check Craigslist. I see Sunfishes come up for sale all the time. When you see an ad, call right away because they go fast! I see them for sale in the $700-1000 range in the Chicago/Milwaukee area.
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    Sunfish Parts for Sale

    No, I'm sorry. The bailer cap was missing off the old boat.
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    Sunfish Parts for Sale

    No sail, no tiller, and no daggerboard. Does anyone know how to edit posts?
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    Sunfish Parts for Sale

    Parts from an old Sunfish for sale. E-mail me what you need and I'll see if I have it!
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    Sunfish Mast and Boom Set for Sale

    For sale: Sunfish mast and boom set. Make a fair offer! Willing to ship if you pay the costs!
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    Sunfish Hull

    Old Sunfish hull needs a new home. Great for an art project! Located in western suburbs of Chicago.
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    Mast, sail & bowhandle

    I have a used bowhandle and mast for sale. All parts taken from a 1960 Sunfish. Contact me directly at if you still need the parts.